Tile Effect Wall Panels : How to Modernise Your Bathroom Without The Mess of Tiles!

Tile Effect Wall Panels : How to Modernise Your Bathroom Without The Mess of Tiles!

Tile Effect Wall Panels : How to Modernise Your Bathroom Without The Mess of Tiles! 

Whilst the aesthetic of traditional tiles is still very appealing in a shower enclosure, or bathroom wall. Using ceramic tiles can often become incredibly frustrating, with porous grout and mould it often becomes difficult to imagine inspiring projects using real tiles. So if you’ve decided to cover your bathroom tiles, stick around.

This following article will show you how best to modernise your bathroom, turning it from home disaster to dream bathroom without having to go through time-consuming ceramic tile installations. Modernising your bathroom doesn’t need a whole lot of work either, you could choose to focus your energy on a few elements of your bathroom shower room to get the best bathroom design.

1. Starting off with the most important element, your decorative PVC walls, now we’ve already established that you like the look of tile designs, but are looking for an alternative to tiles that will cost less and produce less mess. There are actually a number of different tile effect wall panels with a whole range of designs that can showcase various personalities and aesthetics whilst still offering a waterproof wall for your family bathroom.

Typically the most popular Tile effect designs include;

  • Mosaic Designs
  • Brick Walls
  • Marble Tiles

Mosaic Designs & Mosaic Tiles 

If you’re choosing to customise your bathroom with bathroom wall panels that represent mosaic styles, you can choose between a wide range of different mosaic styles. You could choose to have an entire shower wall featuring your favourite mosaic designs, whether that’s the popular grey and black contrast mosaic, or whether it’s a half feature wall that only implements smaller design aspects of the mosaic patterns. If you’re looking to impress others with your unique bathroom choosing this square tile design might be the best way forward, they’re pretty unique and be blended into any colour=scheme and design palettes

However, for peace of mind why bother installing smaller tiles which may lead to issues and grouting, when you could adopt a tile effect bathroom wall which has the elements of an innovative wall solution including mosaic focal walls or feature walls .

Whether you’ve chosen for the singular feature wall or the whole bathroom wall approach, pair your newly designed mosaic bathroom with loads of light colours such as whites & creams which can be complimented with neutral colours and bright lighting, this will produce an almost rustic shadowing aesthetic, perfect for those who dream of long soaks in a bath by candle-light.

Wall Panels Brick Effect

Bathroom brick wall effects are easily one of the cleanest designs for shower panels and bathroom interiors at the moment, this specific design is also one that ceramic tiles hardly did right, with tile patterns finding it difficult to create the perfect balance between authentic and faux brick walls.

But when it comes to brick effect boards, you’re able to have the aesthetic of New York style apartments with contemporary designs and vintage chic tile designs without the fuss, they’re the perfect hygienic solution to brick walls for bathroom makeovers. Ultimately giving your peace of mind that the panels will require minimal cleaning, except for rinsing with warm water, making them the affordable and grout-free alternative to tiling your bathroom.

Marble Tile Panels

Perfect for all communal spaces or commercial spaces, the marble panels are the best cost-effective alternative to tiles, as marble tiles can often become very expensive, with minimal choices when it comes to colour collections, Marble tile panels are easily the best affordable alternative to tiles.

Marble panels are also similar to brick effect as they do not require to strictly be bathroom tile-effect patterns, but can also be used in commercial kitchens and other aspects of the home including in more complex projects.

The most popular marble designs include black marbles, white marbles and stone marble. Each design is completely water proof and are considered to be the perfect choice from any designer collection.

Those who tend to design their bathroom and homes with this custom pattern often choose to not just include it on the walls but the floor, pairing together to create a mirrored and completely clean and luxurious home renovation.

What trims do I use with tile panels?

If you’ve chosen to redesign your bathroom and modernise using tile effect bathroom panels you can use any panel trim to compliment the style, but a good rule of thumb is if the style and colour is dark then chose a panel trim darker than the tone, itself, however if the panels are lighter in colour then adding a white trim may be the best option. Adding trim is most important when it comes to bathroom panel designs because they help achieve a complete water-resistant bathroom.

Remember depending on how much you plan on using in your bathroom you may need panel trims with external corner and internal corner facilities.

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