Walk In Shower Ideas: 5 Ways To Design Your Walk In Shower

Walk In Shower Ideas: 5 Ways To Design Your Walk In Shower

Walk In Shower Ideas: 5 Ways To Design Your Walk In Shower

Walk-in showers are a stylish and surprisingly easy way to revamp your bathroom. They’re both a practical and attractive choice for any bathroom and are a simple way of revamping your space. If you’re someone who prefers a shower over a bath, why not get rid of the tub and utilise the extra space by creating the perfect walk-in shower. What’s great about walk-in showers is there is no one size fits all approach, from the shower head down to the tiles and panel features, every element is down to your style and preference.

There are some arguments surrounding the practicalities of walk-in showers, some say that walk-in showers don’t work in small bathrooms or there is too much water wasted. Don’t let these arguments put you off your dream bathroom! The beauty of walk-in showers is that they are designed to fit your space, not the other way around.

Walk-In Showers with Benches

If you’re set on having a walk-in shower but not sure on how to style it and make it your own, why not try adding a bench? Especially if you have a large bathroom, adding a bench is a great way to add some character to your new walk-in shower. For example, if you’re going for a minimalist approach a staple bench with a marble effect to create a centrepiece and then match with accessories and bathroom staples. If you’re looking to turn a small bathroom into a walk-in shower a shelf seat or a corner seat display are also great options. You’ll still have that statement centrepiece without taking up too much space.

Walk-In Showers without Doors

There’s just something freeing about a walk-in shower without a door. Instead of your standard shower curtain, sliding door or glass door, shower technology is moving towards large panels used as a divider and barrier. This design gives a more elegant and simplistic look to your bathroom and with the improved design of drainage that now comes with walk-in showers there’s no need to worry about wasting water or water damage.

Let’s explain that quickly: walk-in showers eliminate the need to step in and out of your shower, you can simply walk straight in and out. With this design instead of a shower tray, you have a shower floor that is installed in combination with a linear drain. Linear drains have a one way slope towards the drain ensuring that there is no water damage to surrounding tiles and makes for easier shower cleaning too!

Walk-In Shower Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Don’t disregard the idea of a walk-in shower just because you have a small bathroom. Small spaces provide some of the best setups for a walk-in shower. From cute nook seats to statement windows and built-in shelving, walk-in showers are the perfect solution for a small bathroom renovation. Small bathrooms are also great spaces for wet rooms. Instead of trying to make space for a shower and wash area, turning the whole space into a wet room is a great way to add a modern spin to your home.

What’s the difference between a walk-in shower and a wet room?

Whereas standard shower enclosures have fitted doors, both walk-in showers and wet rooms don’t have doors or curtains. They tend to use glass panels to create a walk-in shower space or wet room enclosure. The glass panels create a minimalist and modern look perfect for any household, and also let in a lot of light as they open up and illuminate the space you have.

No doors mean fewer moving parts, so these showers are much easier to clean and maintain plus they’re walk in, walk out style means they are easy and accessible for anyone with mobility issues.

Walk-in Shower

  • One or two glass screens
  • Shower floor panel
  • Designed to be a separate part of the bathroom rather than a wet room
  • Walk-in showers are usually cheaper than wet rooms as only panels and a shower floor panels are needed to install

Wet room

  • Open space where water flows through a drain in the floor rather than being contained to a shower tray or floor panel
  • Requires altered floors to ensure water can drain away easily
  • Entire bathroom is designed to be ‘wet’
  • No shower screens required
  • Entire space needs to be waterproofed – which can be expensive depending on the size of your space
  • Makes bathrooms feel more spacious
  • A perfect clutter free atmosphere

If you’re looking to make the most of your space, we would recommend turning your small bathroom into a wet room with an open plan walk-in shower. It’s a great way to turn your bathroom into a statement feature of your home and utilises all your space. You can also make the space your own with patterned or textured tiles, accessories and plants. In our opinion small bathrooms are the perfect space for an open plan bathroom. One thing you will need to consider however, is ventilation. Without proper ventilation, you risk increased damage to your walls. Ensure that you have a space that has a window plus an extractor fan to keep your bathroom looking and feeling fresh for longer.

Add a Plant for a Natural, Fresh Look

A simple but essential addition to any bathroom or shower space. Plants add a delicate touch of nature and are the perfect accessory for your bathroom. What we love about plants is you can keep a minimal design throughout your bathroom and simply add a touch of colour and greenery with a blooming plant.

Forget picture frames and bathroom accessories that you never use, modern bathroom interiors are all about the plants! However, it’s important that you get a plant that thrives in a wet environment. Particularly if you are looking to put a plant in a wet room or walk-in shower. We want hints of greenery not drooping vines. Here’s a quick rundown on the best plants for bathrooms and showers.

Plants for bathrooms

Spider Plant
Heartleaf Philodendron
Maidenhair Fern
Money Tree
Aloe Vera
Peace Lily
Boston Fern

Plants for showers

Golden Pothos
Eternity Plant
Air Plant
Snake Plant
Lucky Bamboo

Make a Splash With a Bold Accent Wall

If plants aren’t really your thing but you want to add a bit of character to your walk-in shower, don’t worry we’ve got you covered too! Walk-in showers are yours to make your own! Whether you want more of a minimalist approach, touches of glamour or a loud and colourful space, there’s full creative freedom.

Why not a bit of character to your walk-in shower with an accent wall. You could go for a bold tile, a statement mirror or a contrast colour. These are great and simple ways to personalise your space and make it more homely. These can also be achieved on a tighter budget as instead of traditional bathroom ornaments, you can just use bathroom wall panels or shower panels that are remaining from your remodel.

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