Why bathroom splashback instead of tiles?

Why bathroom splashback instead of tiles?

Why bathroom splashback instead of tiles?




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The house I moved into had three off-white tiles above the family bathroom sink. They are functional but look out of place, aren’t level, and the grout probably wasn’t yellow to start with.

My first efforts tiling were a messy disaster, and I loathed the idea of re-tiling these three, so I started looking for an alternative. Bathroom Panels seemed like a simple and cost-effective solution to tile mess going on in my bathroom. I guess that’s one of the reasons why lots of people are now looking at bathroom sink splashbacks instead of tiles?

Here’s what I know so far about tiles: The prices are going up, they require a lot of messy work to put up that’s time-consuming, and the grout can make the cleanest bathroom look dirty whereas, uPVC wall panels and splashbacks can look just as good! They are cheaper to purchase and fix, easy to install and simple to clean. Add some chrome edging paired with the latest designs, plastic splashbacks a clear winner in my opinion and the only question is why stop at the splashback?

At these prices, you can bring flair to your entire bathroom quickly and easily.


When it comes to re-creating your bathroom, conventionally, tiles have always been the first stop. Of course, they are waterproof, durable and come in a wide range of textures and patterns to choose from. But there is no denying that tiles often come with hands-on upkeep and a lengthy installation process.

So, if that doesn’t sound appealing, then bathroom panels are your perfect alternative, you can get your ideal bathroom with all the added benefits.

Bathroom panels are not only, quicker and more cost-effective but also give you a first class finish every time.


Bathroom splashback is uPVC cladding, made from acrylic sheets, that come in a variety of thicknesses and sizes from, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm and can be custom cut to fit your bathroom. They also come in a variety of patterns from wood, brick, sparkle, tile effect, and marble effect. They are the perfect fix for a cost-effective polished bathroom.

These panels are surely renovating the world of bathrooms.

Essentially, splashbacks are a large sheet of uPVC material that covers an area of your bathroom, protecting it from heat and water damage (and the splashes and waves that come with bath time) whilst adding a touch of flair to your bathroom.


Bathroom panels are not only efficient but come with a list of other benefits – making them the ideal fit for everyone!

The installation process is smooth and speedy (saving your contractors valuable time and saving you money), so they are extremely cost-effective.

One of the many problems that come with tiles is grout; grout is non-existent when it comes to splashback panels. Just apply the panels to your chosen wall with their unique tongue and groove system, and you will get that premium finish without the hassle!

They are the perfect mission for an avid DIYer. With just some adhesive, nails and screws you can give your bathroom a facelift with a flawless finish. So why not give them a go?

They are easy to upkeep, making them a necessity for families and busy households. Get that luxurious and stylish bathroom feel with fuss-free and minimum maintenance.

Using wall cladding to create the perfect splashback is functional in more ways than one. Bathroom wall cladding provides heat insulation for your bathroom. In between the acrylic sheets of the panels, there are hollow shafts ranging from 5mm, 8mm, and 10mm. These shafts trap the heat and slow the conduction process, providing lasting insulation for your home and helping to protect your walls from condensation and prevent mould developing. They are extremely practical and are widely used as a way to spruce up an ensuite or small bathroom, you can have your panels fitted comfortably and securely in just an afternoon.


At Easy Panels, our bathroom panels come in a wide range of patterns and colours. From a blue sparkle to a classic grey marble we offer a variety of possibilities for you to get creative with and reinvent your home.

Whatever ideas you may have, we have the acrylic splashback to help your bathroom come to life. Whether you want to keep it simple and elegant or add a little glitter to get your home dazzling, these panels are the perfect option for a bathroom makeover. What we love most about wall panels is how cost effective they are. For half the price of tiles you can create a bespoke bathroom that hasn’t put you out of pocket.

Whether you’re looking for a cost-effective solution for your contractor or you’re a DIY enthusiast who needs a stylish and stunning look without the cost and time involved with traditional tiles. The answer lies with bathroom wall panels.


Choosing and installing a splashback can be a time-consuming task. However, with the help of some great designs and a little guidance, you can create a stunning feature.

 Looking for a bespoke splashback?

Whether you love a hint of marble or you’re more of a sparkle lover, you can choose a splashback to suit your style and decor. One of the great things about panels is that you have complete creative control, from the effect, cut, placement and installation, you can create a unique bathroom for a cheap rate and stunning look.

Panel splashback or tile splashback?

Instead of having 2 or 3 tiles stuck to your wall in a random fashion you can have your panels custom cut to suit your needs, giving you the perfect premium finish. They are quick and speedy to install and with their unique tongue and groove system they slot together smoothly for a seamless look. Whereas, with tiles, installation it is time-consuming and requires consistent upkeep.

With a panel installation, you can have your project ready to go and looking showroom ready in no time!

Why do I need a shower splashback?

Wall cladding is made from acrylic sheets that are hardwearing and waterproof so they are ideally suited for shower enclosures and wet rooms. They are 10x more impact resistant than glass and shatter proof, making them the perfect addition to busy households and family homes. They are also easy to maintain and will keep that new shine for years to come. Their sleek surface keeps dust and grease at bay and with just some soapy water and a soft cloth your bathroom will have that showroom worthy shine.

Do you already have panels installed in your home?

If you already have panels in your home whether in your kitchen or bathroom, why not go for a matching splashback? This will tie your whole aesthetic together for a clean look.

Installing a matching splashback is the ideal companion to complete your project and here at Easy Panels we offer a range of trims and caps to help bring your project together. 

If you’re still undecided on your bathroom splashback, check out our other posts on bathroom panels and our quick tips and tricks to help you along the way.

Easy Panels offer a wide range of Wall Panel designs so you can tailor your order to suit your individual needs. Whether you need a splashback solution for your shower enclosure, bath area or sink – you can place your versatile splashback panels wherever you intend to use them.

They are used all over the UK from hotels to showrooms and wet rooms to kitchens. The high gloss finish and vibrant colours are why more and more people are choosing panels instead of tiles.

As always we can help you with any accessories you need from trims, tools, adhesives, and acrylic. So your order can be delivered with everything you need to get the job done. We are only one click away!

Our experts show you how to measure, cut, fix and connect the cladding. Covering the essentials such as how to make panels fit around windows, sinks and above bathroom basins (we even have a trick to complete that professional look).

Join the hype and revolutionise your bathroom!

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