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uPVC Wall Panels Vs Paint

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uPVC Wall Panels Vs Paint have common types:

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We all want a house that reflects our personality

We all want a house that reflects our personality and makes us ‘feel at home’. That’s the reason why people often spend considerable cash to be able to furnish their house or apartment with feel as perfect as possible. But it doesn’t stop there, recent productivity studies have linked the ambience and aesthetic to an increase in quality of work. As a result, commercial places have really ramped up interior design game. Now with so many of us working from home,  we’re in need of a home office revamp. Wall panels offer the perfect solution for quick, affordable but still aesthetically pleasing office makeover.

 Conventionally, we would use paints, wallpapers, and tiles to start an office space makeover. However, wall decorations are proving to be increasingly popular and wall panelling (uPVC panels) are a great way to upscale your home safely and on a budget without compromising style. 

Wall panelling is now a top choice for interior decoration of home and offices because of the several advantages it has over other wall finish types including cladding with tiles, painting, and wallpapering. Wall panels are generally of high quality compared with tiles or paints. Another benefit of wall panelling is that it can conceal unsightly features and flaws including exposed wirings, which is not possible with painting. Consequently, here is how PVC wall panels vs paint compare.

Advantages of uPVC panels

Advantages of uPVC panels

1. Durable

PVC walls are easy and simple to clean using dish soap and a damp cloth. They are mildew-resistant, insect-proof, dust-proof, and waterproof. They are the perfect solution for a durable home makeover, whether you’re looking to upgrade a bedroom, install a new home office or doing a bathroom makeover. Since PVC panels require low maintenance, they are a great solution for busy households. There’s minimum cleaning time and with wall panels’ durability qualities you won’t have to worry about changing them any time soon!

2. Easy installation

Installing PVC wall panels is straightforward. If you have some DIY knowledge, you can even install the panels yourself. Our panels have a unique tongue and groove installation system meaning all you need is some adhesive to get your wall panels installed and ready to go. Wall panels completely eliminate the lengthy process of installing tiles or freshly painting a wall, check out our post on how to install wall panels for step by step instructions. 

3. Variety of designs

PVC panels are also available in different colours, effects, and styles. As a result, uPVC wall panels offer you a perfect solution for complementing and enhancing the existing interior design of your home or office.

4. Unlimited applications

Because of the incredible flexibility of wall panels, they can be used or applied in different exterior and interior spaces. Some of the possible applications of the wall panels include:

Disadvantages of PVC Panels

1. Susceptible to breakage above the limit permissible.

2. In case of fire, PVC panels often emit gaseous substances that can be toxic

Advantages of Painting

white wood effect (1)

1. Paint is relatively cheaper depending on square footage of your space and applying paint is generally easy

2. Possible to paint yourself but you will need to buy supplies

3. You can always change the existing colour easily

Disadvantages of painting

  1.  Applying paints to your walls can be a messy affair. Staining appliances, furniture, ceilings, and floors are possible.
  2. Volatile organic compounds which are harmful to your health can be released by paint.
  3. Paint touching up and re-application may be required often as paint chips and cracks over time.
  4. Heavier oil-based paint usually requires to be applied by a professional since the drying time is longer.
  5. The spectrum of finishes provided is very limited.

Looking at the various advantages and disadvantages of both uPVC panels and paints, there is no doubt that the former option for interior decoration is much better. uPVC wall panels are not only durable and attractive, but they also offer you economic practicability when compared with paints or even tiles.

 Wall panels are cheaper and are available in different effects, styles, and patterns. With our wall panels incorporating the use of new luxury boards that resemble brick, wood, stone and elegant tile designs, they are also ideal for use in office renovations, loft conversions, and feature walls in living rooms.

At Easy Panels we also provide fast and reliable delivery straight from our warehouses, and if needed we offer tools required including adhesives and matching trims to complete your project. If you want to transform your space to be more decorative and attractive, then ordering our PVC wall panels and related products today will guarantee you that.

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