White Coving trim
10mm White Shower Panel Coving
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10mm White Shower Panel Coving



The PVC 10mm White Coving is one of the most popular bathroom trims since it makes a new bathroom or renovated bathroom look professional.

  • Easy to use: The 10 mm coving is very easy to install in all kinds of showers, with ceiling or wall panels or both.
  • Multiple installation options: can be fixed using a silicone adhesive for a finish which is durable and waterproof or it can be screwed in, or both options can be used.
  • Professional look: The covings will give the bathroom ceiling a smooth white appearance and protect the walls, ceiling even if moisture levels are high.

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Application of the PVC white coving for the bathroom.

Though a large number of colours and designs of the bathroom trim are available, all of them designed for mainly ensuring that there is a smooth transition from the ceiling to the wall. The coving deisgn covers the corners where the ceiling panels join the walls, and it is concave in shape and curved. Installing the coving will make the bathroom look more prominent, and also make the renovation appear more luxurious than what it costs. We ensure that only high-quality materials are used in the trims. Both DIYers and trade professionals prefer to purchase our covings because installation is straightforward. They are also very cost-effective.


The 10 mm PVC coving comes as a length of 2.6 meters. Before installation, it is essential to measure the dimensions of the walls where they will fit accurately. To determine the approximate length of the PVC coving required for the walls, the total length of the walls should be calculated. The needed coving length should be approximately 5% more than the measured length since some measure will be lost while cutting. For larger bathrooms, more than one length will be required.

Fitting the plastic coving on the bathroom ceiling

The process of fitting this design of bathroom coving is relatively simple. A sharp saw or knife should be used to cut the coving of the required length quickly and accurately. If the coving is being installed on all the four walls of the bathroom, a 45 degrees cut may be required so that they join perfectly without any gap. It may be necessary to use a mitre to cut the coving at an angle. After this silicone adhesive should be uniformly applied to the vertical and horizontal flat surfaces of the PVC coving and the coving should be then stuck on the edge of the wall and ceiling in the bathroom. Alternately screws may be used to fix the coving to the wall and ceiling. However, the manufacturer recommends that at least a small amount of silicone adhesive should be used to attach the coving, sealing it so that there are no gaps.
There will be no space between the ceiling and bathroom panels after the coving is installed. The curved surface of the PVC coving is waterproof and will protect the wall and ceiling.

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Dimensions 2400 mm