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18mm Chrome Quadrant Trim 2.6M
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18mm Chrome Quadrant Trim 2.6M



18mm x 2700mm PVC Quadrant in Chrome

Bring out the classy look in a contemporary ambience with this Quadrant Chrome Trim. This brilliant trim fits at any inner corner of your bathroom, kitchen or even your bathroom for a metallic finish.

  • Metallic Design– Classy Modern Look would be achievable for any part of your room
  • 100% Waterproof Structure– Strong and Impermeable
  • Multipurpose Panel Trim- For inner corner edges, windows and cills
  • Available in Stylish White 

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Love to have a classy feel in your bathroom? Smooth out those uneven corners of your wall with our Chrome Quadrant trim. These 18mm Chrome UPVC Quadrant strips are designed for the inner corner, floor or ceiling to make it look more fantastic. The Quadrant is used when the walls are uneven, to create a straight line when finishing off the corners in a bathroom or wet room. We will highlight some reasons why Chrome Quadrant Trim is a great option for the inner corner of your wall:

  • Elegantly Metallic

With the silver chrome’s metallic, smart and highly-fashionable ambience, you can create that classy modern look – you are sure to turn heads with the wow factor! It gives good contrast and finishing touch to any design panels we offer. With this strip, you can achieve a refined finish for your wall claddings.

  • Easy to Fix Trims

With the rounded finish and flat back, they are easily fitted around the edge of your bath. With simple measuring, cutting and fitting, you can fix it into the walls with a little adhesive, or silicone sealants. Both experienced and inexperienced people will find it very easy to install into the walls. Hence, it is a perfect choice for DIY-ers.

  • 100% Waterproof

This quadrant trim is waterproof and durable due to its PVC construction. It does not soak to water and last a long time. It will leave your bathroom looking fantastic, thanks to its smooth finish.

  • Affordable Price

We show value to our customers by offering good quality products at a very reasonable price. With its meticulous design and uncompromised quality, your £7.20 would be surely worth it.

  • Hygienic Nature

Since it is impermeable to water and easy to keep clean, all you need is a piece of damp cloth to wipe it, and it will be restored to its dazzling look. It requires less maintenance, and it also prevents the build-up of moulds and fungi and helps you have a clean feel.

  • Versatile Functions

A Chrome quadrant is universal and can also be used as a divider between half panelled rooms and wall. It can be used on internal corners around the room adjoining two panels – particularly useful if you have two different thicknesses of panels going from your bathroom wall panels to your shower panels. It can be used for any application all around your kitchen, windows, bathroom and other areas.

If you have been looking for a trim that will give you the professional finish, the chrome quadrant might suit your need. Give your bathroom a new elegant look with waterproof and long-lasting trim now!

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