white gloss ceiling panel
8mm White Gloss Bathroom Wall & Ceiling Panel
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8mm White Gloss Bathroom Wall & Ceiling Panel



8mm Thick: 2600mm x 250mm

White Gloss wall panel is every minimalist’ dream. It gives a calming and refreshing feel with its simple but elegant glossy finish, perfect for adding space to your… well, space. 

  • 100% Watertight Finish – Keeps your walls watertight and prevents the build-up of moulds and mildews.
  • Cost-Effective – It works as good as tile wall covering but at a fraction of cost.
  • Heat Insulation & Soundproof– It provides a layer of insulation that prevents heat from escaping the surface, for a more energy-efficient home.
  • Versatile Functions – Suitable for use in kitchens, bathroom, commercial spaces and even ceilings.
  • Quick & Easy Installation – No need for cement, grout and high-powered machines and professional training for fitting. 

8mm trims must be fitted when installing 8mm Shower panels.

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White Gloss wall panel gives your bathroom an instant eye-pleasing and glossy finish. Its gleaming high gloss design creates an inviting, clean feeling to your wet room. It is ideal for a small bathroom because its white glossy finish reflects light which creates an illusion of bigger space. A little green can also heighten its beauty, so adding plants and accessories is worth considering as well. This minimalist panel has a calming and refreshing aura that can glow up your bathroom walls.


Since it is made from a durable PVC material, this panel is guaranteed waterproof, which means that it prevents the moist and water from penetrating the surface. It is also grout-free which explains why it is resistant to mould and hygienic. With the proper installation and simple upkeep, this panel can last a long time. 


Our White gloss wall panel is primarily designed for wet room walls, but you can also install it in other parts of your home and commercial space. Simply custom cut it this panel and fit it anywhere you want. With this cladding solution, creativity is in your control!


With its tongue-and-groove system, fitting is a breeze because the panel to slot together effortlessly. For the fitting, you can custom cut it with a Stanley knife or floorboard saw and secure it to the walls using silicone adhesives or nails and screw. Then, add a panel trim to the edges, enhance its appearance and achieve a complete look. If you have existing tiles, no need to remove it because you can install it on top of tiles. Wall panel installation doesn’t require cement or grout, which translate to lower cost, less time spent, and fewer materials needed. Also, the fitting is DIY-able, and it does not require professional training. Just follow our installation guides, and you’re good to go.


Our panels are of top quality, but we offer them at a reasonable price, and White gloss panel is no different. You can buy this product at a fraction of the cost of tiles, but it offers a premium finish and outstanding quality.


White Goss wall panel also provides heat insulation and soundproofing feature to your home. Its hollow shafts (8mm in thickness) helps to reduce the noise and slow down the heat conduction process to stop heat from rising and escaping to other areas. Which is why it is ideal for wet rooms and other parts of your home!


Although white, this glossy panel is easy to clean. A simple wiping with a wet cloth and soap can get it done in split seconds since it is grout-free and mould-resistant. However, keep in mind to use a white cloth to avoid discolourisation. 

Features at a glance:

  • Height: 2600mm
  • Width: 250mm
  • Thickness: 8mm
  • Material: PVC
  • 100% waterproof
  • Heat Insulation
  • Soundproof
  • Class 1 fire rating
  • Finish: Plain White Gloss
  • Recommended to install with Easy Panels Adhesive

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Weight 1.755 kg
Dimensions 2600 × 250 × 8 mm