5 Reasons Why to Replace Bath with a Shower, and How to Do It

5 Reasons Why to Replace Bath with a Shower, and How to Do It

5 Reasons Why to Replace Bath with a Shower, and How to Do It

Do you have a bath that just sits in your bathroom and never gets used? Or maybe you’re looking to maximise the space in your bathroom? Here are 5 reasons why to replace bath with shower and to do it quickly and easily. We all love a nice, relaxing bath but they are not always the most effective ways to wash and get ready for the day or night. Instead of harbouring space in your bathroom why not use that space for a new and improved shower. The transition from bath to shower improves accessibility, makes the most out of your space and gives your bathroom a modern and minimalist look and feel, whether you choose a shower cubicle, shower enclosure or a shower screen, you may find that removing the bathroom tub is the best decision you’ll ever make!

Before we get started let’s cover a few basic questions:

Is it easy to replace a bath with a shower?

If you are simply doing a like-for-like replacement from bath to shower, this process is fairly simple and would take a contractor around 8 hours to complete. However, if you are looking to remove your bath and insert a new shower in a different spot of the bathroom this may become more complicated and take longer to complete. As well as hiring a contractor to remove and fit your new shower you may also require the services of a plumber to realign your water mains. It also depends on whether it is just the one job, or are you looking for a completely new bathroom with a bathroom remodel.

How much does it cost to replace a tub with a shower?

New showers are affordable and generally easy to install, however, when it comes to removing your bathtub and installing a shower there are labour and installation costs to consider too. Here’s a quick breakdown of costs:

  • Average cost of a shower (depending on the type of shower – £100-£500
  • Average cost to remove a bath – £250
  • Average cost to install a shower enclosure and tray – £360
  • Average cost of a plumber – £50 per hour
  • Average cost of a builder for base construction – £30 per hour

5 Reasons to replace your bath with a shower 

1.)Showers help you reclaim floorspace
When you convert your shower to a bath the space increases and there is no more wasted space. A good-quality shower will improve accessibility and with a large enough shower unit you can expand your wash space while simultaneously maximising your floor space. The extra space allows room for extra family members, particularly if you are a growing family or if you’re looking to update your bathroom you could even add in extra facilities such as a wet room feature or walk in shower, your local bathroom fitter would be able to let you know if you are eligible for such bathroom installation and renovations to your bathroom suite.

2.) Showers use less water
Generally, showers are also better for the environment compared to bathtubs, not to mention the ability to find eco friendly showers and eco friendly bathroom products. You won’t have to empty your bath or waste time waiting for the tub to fill up with water. Using a shower means you’ll use less water and electricity as a result. Showers are one of the easiest ways to clean your body of all of its hard work during the day. You’ll certainly be glad of that when you’re rushing to get ready for a big night out. Whether you live a busy and independent life or take on a more family orientated lifestyle and have a lot of bath toys sitting around the house; chances are you don’t use all the added amenities that come with having a bath. Replacing your bath for a shower is an easy way to make full use of your bathroom and improve your carbon footprint too.

3.) Showers are DIY friendly

If you’re looking to make a long term change to your bathroom then a shower is definitely the way to go. Showers are an ideal and affordable way to refresh and improve the look and functionality of your space. Because of their low installation and installation costs, a shower will look as good as it functions. With the simple installation of a shower head or a plumbed in unit, you will have your space transformed. So whether you’re looking for a quick and easy upgrade, or you’re keen to spend the time and energy to complete your bathroom renovation it’s great to know that you can tackle installing a new shower in as little as a few hours. They often require less time than bath installation process.

4.) Showers have increased accessibility
Showers are simple and straightforward to use so much easier than a bath or the old fashioned bath tub. Showers have become so much more accessible and convenient with multiple options when it comes to designs, sizes and exteriors, more and more people are replacing their bathtubs for a new shower. With the expansion of walk-in showers and wet rooms, showers are even more accessible than before, you can also now find added accessories such as shower chairs, detachable shower heads and hand rails, that can be placed inside your small bathroom or shower room to increase mobility and independent living. If you have young children who haven’t quite mastered steps yet or you can’t face lowering yourself in and out of the bath anymore, showers are a carefree upgrade for your home.

5.) Showers are affordable
New showers are not only a great accessibility option but are affordable too with the average cost of a new shower sitting between £100-£600 depending on the style functionality of shower you choose. Shower heads come in different heights, shapes and sizes and so will the shower panel and installation. You can pick a unit that will fit your space and budget and ensure that you get a top quality product. Shower units are affordable and versatile!

As you can see, we’re pretty sold on replacing your bathtub with a shower. However, before you start planning to replace your bath with a shower, here are some further things you should consider:

Does replacing a bathtub with a shower devalue a home?

According to the National Association of Realtors replacing one of the bathtubs in your home with a shower should not devalue your property. However, if you replace the only bathtub in your home with a shower this could negatively affect the resale value of the property. Many parents opt to bathe their young children rather than shower them, so having at least one bathtub has proven to be a great selling point for many properties. Many buyers also like the aesthetic of having a tub in a bathroom and so will look for this feature when househunting. However in some cases, adding a more luxury bathroom that does not have a bath is more desirable than having a poor bathroom that has a bath.

Can a grant help me replace my bathroom?

If you have any mobility issues or disabilities it is possible to get a grant towards replacing your bathroom in the UK. The British government offers a grant called the Disability Facility Grant which is a grant issued by your local council to help make necessary changes to your home. This would include the improved access to bathrooms and facilities. The grant won’t affect any other benefits you receive and can cover works up to £36,000.

Is adapting my bathroom likely to help for disability issues?

In short, yes, adapting your bathroom is likely to help with disability issues. Improving the accessibility and safety of your bathroom provides more independence within your home, making it a secure and accessible environment. In the UK, the NHS urges those with disabilities to seek grants and funding for home adaptations to make it easier and safer to move around and do everyday tasks and provides a step-by-step guide on how you can apply for grants and funding through your local authority.

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