Common Misconceptions About PVC Panels

Common Misconceptions About PVC Panels

Common Misconceptions About PVC Panels

Since they were first introduced to the market in the early 2000s, PVC panels have changed the way homeowners renovate their bathrooms and these panels are now a very popular alternative to traditional ceramic tiles. There are so many benefits to installing bathroom wall panels and they are an aesthetically pleasing choice for any contemporary home. However, they’re still a relatively modern concept and people don’t know much about PVC panels. This has resulted in there being an abundance of misconceptions about wall panels which can be off-putting when you’re planning a bathroom renovation and looking for the perfect wall covering.

To ensure people aren’t missing out on bathroom wall panels and the benefits they offer, our team at Easy Panels is here to set the record straight. Below we have debunked some of the most common misconceptions we come across about PVC panels. We can assure you that these modern panels are an excellent choice for any renovation project.

PVC panels are expensive

Due to their flawless appearance, lots of people assume that PVC wall panels are expensive, but this isn’t the case. When compared to other popular bathroom decor items, such as tiles, PVC panels are a budget-friendly choice and they offer excellent value for money. Although bathroom wall panels may cost more than painting your bathroom, they offer several advantages and they’re considered to be a cost-effective solution for this humid room. It’s worth noting that these large, lightweight panels are very easy to install too and you won’t require an experienced fitter to assist you with your bathroom renovation.

There aren’t many designs to choose from

It’s a common misconception that there are only a few panel designs available, yet the selection of PVC panels for bathrooms is continually growing. There is a wide range of colours and patterns to choose from when installing wall panels nowadays, and with both matte finishes and gloss finishes available, you won’t struggle to find the perfect solution for your interior design. You can even purchase PVC panels that have been specifically designed to mimic other materials too and you can purchase things like tile-effect and brick-effect panels. This decor option is incredibly versatile and you can even use wall panels in other rooms within your home.

Bathroom wall panels are poor quality

There are some PVC panels on the market that aren’t able to withstand everyday wear and tear, however, there are also some high-quality products that come with a lengthy warranty. When ordering bathroom wall panels, it’s important to make sure you’re turning to a trusted supplier and it’s useful to check the thickness of the panels too. As you may expect, the thicker the panels, the more durable they are and opting for 5mm, 8mm or 10mm is beneficial.

Generally speaking, PVC is known for being a hard-wearing material and it’s commonly used to manufacture exterior building products. When you install wall panels inside your home, they will stand the test of time and they won’t need to be replaced in a few years. Unlike other materials, PVC is ideal to use in humid environments and it won’t be affected by the moisture in your bathroom either, making it a great choice for your interior design.

PVC panels aren’t suitable for the bathroom

Lots of people think that wall panels can’t be installed in the bathroom, but as mentioned above, they’re perfect for humid areas. These panels are a great alternative to tiles when you’re searching for bathroom decor solutions and they are 100% waterproof. You don’t need to use messy grout or cement to achieve a watertight finish when installing PVC panels and their tongue and groove design provides a seamless look. These wall panels can even help to prevent common problems with damp and mould in the bathroom, and they will provide your interior walls with an extra layer of protection.

A lot of preparation work is required when installing PVC panels

There aren’t many wall coverings that are straightforward to install, but you don’t even have to remove the existing tiles on your bathroom walls before installing PVC panels. As long as you have a flat, even surface, you can simply stick the panels to your walls with a silicone-based adhesive. It’s recommended that you thoroughly clean the work area before you start the installation process to ensure there is no dirt or other residue that will prevent the panels from sticking properly. This decor option is a no fuss and no mess solution to interior design, and there is little effort involved with installing PVC panels onto any surface.

You can’t install bathroom wall panels yourself

Lots of decor options will require professional installation, so many people think this is the case with PVC panels too. Yet, anyone with a reasonable level of DIY skill can install these lightweight panels and we supply all of the installation products you need on our website. Bathroom wall panels are designed with a tongue and groove system, so the panels can simply be slotted together and it’s easy to achieve a professional look. When compared to wall tiles, wall panels can be installed up to six times faster. Take a look at our installation guide to find out more about the minimal preparation and straightforward installation process.

Ordering PVC panels for your bathroom

It’s fair to say that many of the misconceptions you come across about PVC panels aren’t true and you shouldn’t let them put you off using wall panels in your bathroom renovation. If you would like to find out more about this modern alternative to tiles, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Easy Panels. Our team will happily answer any questions you may have about bathroom wall panels and we can provide you with more information about their benefits.

When trying to find the perfect PVC panels for your bathroom, regardless of what colour or style you have in mind, explore the rest of the Easy Panels website today. We supply a huge range of innovative designs and there will be several options to choose from on our online store. Feel free to order some free samples if you would like to see your favourite designs in person too, you can do so quickly and easily via our website. We also have a panel store in the heart of South Wales and we invite you to visit us and walk around our displays to get some inspiration.

At Easy Panels, our customers are our first priority and we are dedicated to providing the best-crafted products at very competitive prices. You can have peace of mind when ordering from us that our PVC panels will stand the test of time and the average life expectancy of high-quality panels like ours is between 20-50 years. We can assure you that you won’t be disappointed with the bathroom wall panels we supply.

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