Creating an Industrial Style Interior With PVC Wall Panels

Creating an Industrial Style Interior With PVC Wall Panels

Creating an Industrial Style Interior With PVC Wall Panels

Choosing a style for your home’s interior design can be a daunting task. With so many different styles out there and so much inspiration to explore, it can be difficult to decide which style is right for you and your home. From minimalist to bohemian, it’s important to weigh up your options carefully and consider the space you are working with before deciding on a style. With a little research and some creative thinking, you can create a beautiful interior that reflects your personal taste and the character of your home.

One interior style that has been popular for a few years now is the industrial style and its ‘function-over-form’ approach makes it a great choice for all interior design projects. This style works well in all property types too and it’s incredibly versatile. If you’ve been considering bringing elements of the industrial style into your interior design, PVC wall panels can be very useful. Below we have explored this particular style in more detail and highlighted how you can use cladding panels to elevate the wall decor throughout your home.

The basics of the industrial style

Industrial style interior design takes its inspiration from old factories, warehouses and other industrial spaces. It typically incorporates raw materials such as exposed brick, metal and wood, along with utilitarian objects such as pipes and beams. The overall aesthetic is one of a functional, stripped-down look that emphasises the beauty of natural materials.

Although the industrial style may feature unfinished and exposed elements, it’s still welcoming and inviting. The raw materials add texture and visual interest to the interior, and there are lots of ways you can make a space feel homely. It is possible to create a cosy atmosphere when you choose this modern, rustic style for your interior design.

How can you use wall panels to create an industrial interior?
A key feature of this type of interior design is raw materials, however, they can be more expensive than other common decor options. Often, natural materials will require more maintenance too and it can be difficult to keep them in good condition, especially if they’re easily damaged by everyday wear and tear. Not to mention, some natural materials can be difficult to find in colours or patterns that work with your chosen interior design.

This is where PVC cladding panels come in. These wall panels are made from Polyvinyl Chloride which is a strong, yet lightweight plastic material. There is a huge range of wall panel styles to choose from nowadays and thanks to the advancements in printing technology, these panels can even be designed to mimic the appearance of natural materials. So, if you are trying to create an industrial style interior and you would like to have an exposed brick wall in your home, there are PVC panels available that prevent you from having to use real bricks to achieve the desired look. These modern wall panels can transform the way you decorate your home.

Not only are cladding panels very aesthetically pleasing, but they offer several benefits when compared to raw materials. PVC wall panels are 100% waterproof, corrosion resistant and flame resistant. They are very durable and specifically designed to be a low-maintenance wall covering. Regardless of where you install wall panels, they will continue to look as good as new for years to come and they are ideal for busy, family homes.

Which PVC wall panels are best to use?

If you’re searching for PVC panels that are well-suited to the industrial style, there are a few great options to choose from. Some of our favourite panel designs that mimic natural materials include the following;

Brick-effect wall panels

You can incorporate an exposed brick wall into your interior design without laying a single brick when you use brick-effect wall panels. These panels will help you to achieve a rustic and raw look, and although they are flat-printed, they have a textured appearance. Faux red brick wall panels are perfect if you want to create a feature wall in any space and they are a stylish solution that can transform your interior design.

Stone-effect wall panels

When you have a contemporary monochrome colour scheme, stone-effect wall panels are the perfect addition to your interior design. These grey panels can be used to create a unique focal point in your home and they’re a modern alternative to traditional red bricks. Stone-effect PVC panels will provide a modern originality to your home and the natural textured appearance will help to bring a space to life.

Concrete-effect wall panels

Polished concrete walls look amazing, but they can be very difficult to achieve. Thankfully, concrete-effect wall panels can make this extravagant design concept much more realistic for homeowners. These PVC wall panels will create a contemporary and edgy feel to your interior design, and they can add visual interest to a dull space. In addition to dark grey panels, you can purchase lighter panels too which are ideal for smaller spaces. Concrete-effect wall panels are the perfect backdrop for your interior.

Wood-effect wall panels

Wooden design elements are a timeless choice and they have been fashionable for decades. Wood-effect wall panels make it easy for you to incorporate natural timber into your interior design and they will add warmth and contrast to an industrial interior. Timber mosaic panels are a great choice if you want to combine a selection of different grains and textures throughout your home, and they can tie your interior design together.

Ordering PVC wall panels for your home

If you like the industrial style and you’ve been contemplating investing in natural materials, it’s undeniably worth looking into PVC wall panels instead. These cladding panels are the perfect solution for any modern home and they can completely transform your interior design. When purchasing wall panels for your home, be sure to explore the Easy Panels website. We stock a huge selection of panels and no matter what you have in mind for your interior design, you will be able to find the perfect panel design on our website.

At Easy Panels, we supply the highest quality PVC wall panels, yet we make sure they’re an affordable alternative to other decor solutions. Our panels have been popular among local tradesmen and DIYers alike for many years, and they’re a tried and tested choice. You can have peace of mind when you order from our website knowing we will deliver your panels in our own delivery vans, ensuring they aren’t lost or broken, so you can get to work transforming your interior in no time. To find out more about PVC wall panels, feel free to explore the rest of our website today, we have lots of useful information for you to read.

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