The New Bathroom Colour Trends for 2022: Which Ones Will Be Popular?

The New Bathroom Colour Trends for 2022: Which Ones Will Be Popular?

The New Bathroom Colour Trends for 2022: Which Ones Will Be Popular?

For the most part, bathrooms have always been a neutral colour. The idea of using bright colours or even using bold patterns are not common place in bathrooms. However, that is changing with these new trends for 2022. With this new colour trend, you’ll find it easy to spice up your bathroom without going over the top. Many of these trends are meant to make life easier by complementing your home’s design and style. This post will tell you about the different colours to use for your bathroom and it’s décor for 2022.

Blue bathroom ideas

One of the new trends for 2022 is blue, which can be a refreshing addition to your bathroom. A blue bathroom works well with more neutral colours like grey or white walls. It will also work well in conjunction with a black or white colour scheme for your home. You’ll also find that this colour is great for a spa-like feel, as it’s able to help you relax and unwind during your morning shower. If you’re looking for some more ideas on how to decorate with a blue theme, why not include a feature wall from blue shower panels. Including a feature wall is often a popular choice for larger bathrooms, as it can break the room up and create a modern aesthetic.

Whilst smaller bathrooms may benefit from a feature wall, often the best choice for bathrooms that lack in size is splashes of colour rather than big blocks of bold blue walls. If you have a small bathroom and like the look of navy wall panels, or aqua boards then be sure to incorporate as much natural light as possible, avoiding darker shade colours and decorating with white furniture and accessories.

Neutral bathroom ideas

As most people know, neutral colours are typically used in bathrooms. However, certain trends are coming up in 2022 that are going to change that idea of using neutral colours. These new trends will make it easy to spice up a bathroom without going over the top.

One trend is using a bold colour as your main colour. This trend uses bold colours like red, purple, and green as the focal point of your bathroom design, whilst still including your favourite neutrals typically found in traditional bathrooms. If you want to add some personality but don’t want to go too crazy with the colour, consider adding patterned wallpaper, wall panels or tiles to the room.

Neutral colours are often linked with modern bathrooms, giving them a sense and feeling of warmth. Neutral designs ditch the idea of complete white bathrooms and white tile settings for neutral tones of browns, creams and champagne this way the bathroom can feel almost rustic and be decorated with vanity lighting and marble counters for a luxurious feel.

The best way to achieve a neutral bathroom aesthetic is to understand light & dark shade, understanding how different variations of the same colour compliment each other is perfect for a neutral scheme.

Black and White bathroom Ideas

Black and white are not just colours. They have style, they have history, and they have timelessness. These monochromatic colours are not only going to be popular in the bathroom for 2022.

A black and white bathroom is an easy way to add a splash of colour without changing the entire décor. However, you will want to avoid black walls and a dark wood flooring as these two features might be too harsh on the eye.

The trick about installing a perfect monochrome bathroom is to take little steps to achieving your goal, as we mentioned before, black paint will not be the perfect base for your bathroom, however as an accent wall black paint could become a work of art.

Pair your black feature with vanity mirrors, paintings or hanging baskets for a bold and contemporary style, making it the perfect option for chic-styled homes.

If however, you are looking for an all white classic backdrop and adding touches of black fittings to compliment your bathroom, you may want to look to include small bathroom accessories that fit with the theme of your bathroom, try to keep them minimal and small in design, not surrounding the entire bathroom but rather dotted and strategically placed for the best aesthetic results. A perfect example of this would be using bath mats, taps, towels, stones, radiators and storage containers in a darker shade (black) and then having the remaining larger features such as bathroom walls, baths & showers in the lighter colours (whites).

Grey bathroom ideas

Now for the moment everyone has been waiting for, it’s no secret that grey has become the ‘it’ colour over the last few years, with homes completely decorated from top to bottom in grey accessories, grey walls, floors & carpets and more.

Grey is a neutral colour that will be in style for your bathroom this year. Grey is popular because it can go with any other colour in your home and doesn’t overpower the design of most rooms.

It may be difficult to think of an original grey bathroom idea, due to it’s sheer volume of popularity.

If you’re opting for a white wall with grey bathroom furniture and accessories then the best way to successful conduct this are to adopt the following :

Grey Bathroom Bin – The cheapest we’ve found on amazon are £5 with delivery!

Grey Bathroom Floor – Our floor panels come in a variety of shades including 4 variations of grey shades, from light grey flooring to dark and bold grey vinyl floor boards.

Grey Bathroom Storage – to save bathroom space, storage containers are a great option, we found a couple of classic grey storage baskets woven available on amazon as a set of 3 for £18.00.

Grey Bathroom Shelves – If you’re choosing to opt for shelving over storage baskets, then why not install grey shelves, you can find vanity stools online from IKEA or Next for £10 – £25.

Another trend for grey bathrooms is using complementary colours such as blue or green tones to give it an airy feel. You can do this with plants, artwork, or even a towel colour.

Red bathroom ideas

Ok… so, red bathrooms may not be to everybody’s taste, however, there are some bathroom designs that work really well with red.

The main issue with red bathrooms is it’s hard to find the balance of creating a luxurious space, or going too far over the top and creating a bathroom colour scheme you simply hate.

That’s why popular bathroom colours tend to be more traditional all-white bathroom styles, as it’s easy to get right and involves little risk.

If you’re feeling brave and have a bathroom renovation idea you think will work with the combination of red colours then by all means decorate away! Our favourite red bathroom style designs include using red as countertops, back walls, rugs & soap dishes, as it gives the pop of colour and warm tones, without becoming distracting to the eye.

Pink bathroom ideas

Light pastel colours such as pinks are a great option for the bathroom as they go with many styles and make your bathroom feel more feminine. If you’re looking to make your bathroom feel more feminine, you can choose pink accents or even accessories.

Pink pastel shades also pair perfectly with shades of grey, choosing to decorate your bathroom with slight pink shade walls and grey furniture is an excellent and unique design aesthetic that keeps your bathroom looking snazzy!

A different way to use this colour is by going with a more subtle shade of pink. This can be done by painting the walls or accenting them with pops of colour like painting showers with a transparent pink or adding a pop of pink onto a white sink.

We would typically avoid harsher and darker tones of pink like coloured tile, as it can often become an uneasy sight and can take away too much from the original design idea.


If you have any design ideas you think we missed out, please feel free to reach out to us, send us some crazy pictures of your favourite bathroom spaces and how you’ve chosen to decorate them.

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