The Best Faux Brick Walls: Panels, Tiles & Wall Paper Designs.

The Best Faux Brick Walls: Panels, Tiles & Wall Paper Designs.

The Best Faux Brick Walls: Panels, Tiles & Wall Paper Designs.

Faux brick designs seem to be all the rage at the moment! there once was a time when rooms were meant to be painted one colour with a simple design, but gone are those days! Faux Brick designs are in and not just for your kitchen, but for your bathroom, bedroom, and living rooms too, now you’ll hardly want to have exposed brick in your home, as this can typically lead to structural issues. Which leaves you with a few options on faux brick alternatives, which can still guarantee a similar design without the risks to your home.

When it comes to choosing faux brick you may be spoilt for choice, between wallpaper, tiles, or wall panels. This article will talk through your best options to get your favourite brick wall, the cost, and the design choices.

The best faux brick wall

1. Wallpaper

No list would be complete without a reference to the most popular choice. If you like your house to be a bit homely with a warm interior feel, then you can’t go wrong with brick wallpaper, With a few different designs available you can choose to have different textures throughout your home, which is a nice touch for an easy DIY faux brick wall. There are some things you need to think about when it comes to wallpaper. For starters, the price. Wallpaper has a reputation for being expensive but finding some good deals online can be pretty easy when it comes to faux brick wallpaper.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest issues with wallpaper is you can’t get it wet, which means you automatically can’t have your faux brick effect in your bathroom by using wallpaper. However, it definitely doesn’t rule wallpaper out altogether, as it would be the perfect choice for a brick accent wall in your living room, or on the entire wall.

2. Faux Brick Wall Panels

Now here’s a great choice when you want to consider waterproof and damage proof options, faux brick panels eliminate the issue of grout, plaster, and tile which are some of the most annoying DIY tasks to do.

Wall panels are renowned for being the most durable option out of the 3 for bathroom, living room and kitchen purposes, as they are multi-functional it means you won’t have to worry about waterproofing or re-sealing.

Not only can you use a brick panel in your bathroom but it’s also more than possible to use them as a feature wall or in the kitchen. The downside of faux brick panelling is that you may be likely to spend more than you would on the wallpaper, although there is a positive to this and it is that faux brick panels look more like a real brick than wallpaper ever will, so really it paves the question? how realistic do you want it to look?

3. Faux Brick Tiles

When it comes to these you actually can create some really beautiful designs, however, you are slightly more limited to the placement, as they are tiles, you’ll likely not want to put them in your living room, as it does not allow for as good insulation, this faux brick effect looks really great in a bathroom or even a small kitchen.

Using brick tile to create feature walls in your shower area can work well alongside white paint or other white tiles. However for interior design faux brick tiles seem to lack the aesthetic of real brick, and in fact, can’t quite match the design as well as using wallpaper or a faux brick panel could.

The cost of faux brick

The cost of a faux brick panelling is usually between £100 and £200 depending on the scale of the design, this includes the cost of the whole room rather than just the price of the individual panel.

The individual brick panel sheets can average between £18 – £40, with this comes the waterproof guarantee and durability.

The average cost of faux brick wallpaper ranges between £13 – £30 depending on design and texture, and finally the cost of brick tile effect average between £20-£45.


Faux brick is becoming all the rage at the moment. With the latest bathroom trends highlighting the need for texture in the home. Have you used any of the popular faux brick wall design ideas we have highlighted here? or maybe you’ve tried something we missed! let us know what you think of faux brick designs, do you prefer red brick or white faux brick walls? or are you a complete exposed brick wall type of person! We’d love to know your favourite designs.

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