Top Picks: Faux Brick Walls - Panels, Tiles, and Wallpaper Designs

The Best Faux Brick Walls: Panels, Tiles & Wall Paper Designs.

Faux Brick Designs: A Trendy and Versatile Home Decor Choice

Faux brick designs are incredibly popular right now. The days of single-colour, boring designs are gone! Faux brick is in, not just for kitchens, but also for bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms. Genuine exposed brick can lead to structural issues, but faux brick offers the same aesthetic without the risks.

When choosing faux brick, you have several options: wallpaper, tiles, or wall panels. This article will guide you through these choices, their costs, and their design potential.

Best Faux Brick Wall Options

1. Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a popular choice for creating a cozy, warm interior. Faux brick wallpaper comes in various designs and textures, making it an easy DIY option. Depending on the brand/supplier, wallpaper can work out expensive, although there are some good deals to be found online. A major downside is that wallpaper cannot get wet, making it unsuitable for bathrooms and areas subject to moisture. Despite this, it’s perfect for a brick accent wall in your living room or other dry areas.

2. Faux Brick Wall Panels


Our Red Brick Wall Panel, take a look!


Our White Brick Wall Panel, take a look!

- Our Red Brick Effect Wall Panel is a fantastic choice for those seeking a waterproof faux brick option. Printed wall panels eliminate the need for grout, plaster, and tile work, making them a cost-effective yet durable option for bathrooms, kitchens or even living rooms. These panels are multifunctional, so you don’t need to worry about waterproofing, resealing or arduous maintenance routines.

Faux brick panels can be used as feature walls in bathrooms or kitchens. While they may cost more than wallpaper, they often look more realistic and have the added benefit of being waterproof. The question is: how functional and authentic do you want your faux brick walls to appear?

- Our White Brick Wall Panel is another great option to consider. This panel offers a clean, modern look while retaining the charm of traditional brick. Its bright white finish will elevate the humblest of spaces to feel more open and airier thanks to its industrial spirit. This design is perfect for minimalist or contemporary design styles.

3. Faux Brick Tiles

Faux brick tiles can create beautiful interiors, but their practicality can be limited by the preparation and installation processes involved and the subsequent timeframes. These tiles are great for bathrooms or small kitchen splashbacks. They work well as feature walls in shower areas, especially when combined with white paint or plain tiles. However, faux brick tiles often lack the aesthetic appeal of real brick when compared to wallpaper or wall panels and will likely cost you significantly more.  

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