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Bathroom and Shower Wall Panel Trim

Chrome & Grey Trim


The different types of wall panel trim

Trim Types

Bathroom Moulding and cladding Trim

Having decided on the perfect wall panels for your bathroom, you should ensure that you obtain a professional and waterproof finish. To achieve this, we have a complete selection of bathroom wall panel trims and bathroom mouldings.

Our selection of bathroom cladding trim is designed for an immaculate finish, with the practical advantage of keeping the water out. Your walls will remain protected, no mould or rot. It’s easy to choose the style you want. Available in white, chrome, or black, you can select the perfect bathroom trim or bathroom moulding to enhance the beauty of your PVC bathroom wall panels. There are three sizes, 5mm, 8mm and 10mm. Installation is superbly easy, and the result is clean, professional and ultimately elegant.

Bathroom trims for walls and ceilings

End Cap Wall Panel Trim

Protect the top of the PVC wall panel and create a stylish finish by using end cap bathroom trims. These slot onto the top of your bathroom wall panel for a clean edge.

It keeps water and condensation from seeping in behind your bathroom wall panel and enhances the professional end look of your bathroom wall panels.

Coving Wall Panel Trim

Our bathroom coving creates an elegant moulding to a corner. These are typically seen where the bathroom wall panel meets a ceiling. It has the advantage of creating a perfectly sealed edge, with a wonderfully elegant look.

Coving bathroom trims are designed for simplistic elegance. A neat modern finish, without any complicated procedures.

H Join Wall Panel Trim

Joining two PVC bathroom wall panels along a straight vertical plane is made perfectly easy by using H Join bathroom wall cladding trims.

This bathroom wall trim keeps things neat and convenient. Everything remains waterproof and easy to clean.

Internal Corner Wall Panel Trim

Obtaining a smooth and virtually seamless join for internal corners can be complicated, even for seasoned professionals. By slotting your bathroom wall panels into the inner corner trim, everything fits beautifully into place.

An internal corner is where two walls meet at a right angle. This would be the corners of the room, walls for shower enclosures, and vanity counters. Using the correct bathroom trim for inner edges provides a durable finish, that’s so easy to keep clean. There are no recesses where water can collect. Mould has no chance, and your bathroom will remain fresh and clean.

External Corner Wall Panel Trim

An external angle, like those for door openings, can be tricky. The rounded edge for these bathroom trims provides you with a perfectly smooth corner, with no chance of a mistake.

No sharp corners are extruding into the room. This gives a much neater look, and your bathroom wall panels won’t be exposed to damage. As with all the bathroom trims in this range, it makes cleaning your walls effortless.

External Angle Wall Panel Trim

External angle bathroom wall trims simplify outer corners. The trim sticks directly onto the wall panel to correctly seal a corner join.

Unlike the other bathroom cladding trim options, external angle trim can be installed with the panels already fixed to the walls. With all the other bathroom trim accessories, the panels slot into pre-moulded grooves as you fit the bathroom wall panels.

Corners along the top of a vanity stand, where you may be using different materials are an ideal situation to use external angle trim, opposed to external corner trim.

Quadrant Wall Panel Trim

Quadrant wall panel trim is a fantastically versatile, multi-purpose solution. This bathroom cladding trim can be used for just about any application.

Create a neat, clean finish for internal corner trim, floor trim, or ceiling trim. It’s an easy, practical bathroom wall trim solution.

Why use trims for your cladding?

For most of us, our home is the most significant investment that we will ever make. When you embark on renovating your bathroom, you’re enhancing the aesthetics of your home as well as increasing the value of your most prized investment.

Bathrooms are more complicated than any other room in your home, and the renovation project can become expensive. The steam and water splash in a wet room requires special attention. Water has the uncanny ability to seep in everywhere, causing rot and the growth of mould.
So it’s essential to use the very best materials for your bathroom renovation.

Choosing PVC wall panels is the perfect place to start. As it is not only a wonderfully cheap solution, it’s both beautiful and durable. The bathroom PVC wall panel that you have chosen is completely waterproof and will remain in top condition for many years. It is easy to clean, keeping unsightly mould and unpleasant odours at bay.

But what about the part that you don’t see? Your bathroom wall panels are going to remain gleaming and brilliant, but what lies behind them may not. While PVC wall panels are renowned for their water resistance and durability, the same cannot be said for the walls and structure that are out of sight behind your polished cladding.

When water works its way into the nooks and crannies between joins in the PVC wall panels, it remains there, undetected. This will cause decay of the walls and structure of your home. Mould will flourish, and you can’t get at it. Water damage has a compounding effect. You have the unpleasant musty odour that can’t be controlled, and mould is the cause of numerous unwanted health conditions. Ultimately, you’re causing the walls and floors of your bathroom to rot away.

Bathroom wall panel trims are not only designed to enhance the aesthetics of the room, but it also creates a waterproof join. The finish is glossy with a professional look. The wall surface is also so smooth that you don’t have any grooves for grime to accumulate and it’s therefore super easy to clean.

Using the correct bathroom cladding trims does not cost much, and the benefits speak for themselves. You’re investing in your home, and you want it to last. You want it to look good and remain so for years to come. Most importantly, you want the reassurance that you have a quality finish that protects the building. PVC bathroom wall cladding, with the correct bathroom trims, is one of the most cost-effective ways of achieving this. Best of all, you will not be compromising on style. It’s beautiful, sensible, and practical.

Easy to follow installation guides and instructions will help the DIY homeowner achieve brilliance, without much skill involved. To help you decide which bathroom trim solution is going to work best for you, we’ve provided a guide on how they work and how these bathroom trims and mouldings for your bathroom can be used.

Matching colour trims with wall panels

White Trim

White trims are classic and universal. 

You know what you’re getting and if your unsure about which colour to use, use white.

They also help to make everything look clean and show off the easy clean nature of uPVC. So if your put off by white because of bad grout or silicone that turned grey or yellow, don’t be!

Chrome Trim

Our chrome effect trim probably give the most professional looking finish.

They work particularly well with glossy bathroom cladding and are probably the most suited to shower wall panels due to the metallic shower heads and fittings.

However if you want a natural finish like our wood effect panels they often don’t blend well unless there is a lot of metal in the room.

Black Trim

Black trims work best when you want the panels to be the main event.

In a dark hotel like bathroom these dark trims help to blend into the background while giving clean edges that also don’t draw attention.

That said they can also frame wall panels really well if you want your section or feature wall to stand out.

Installing Your Bathroom Wall Panel Trim

The genius of our uPVC wall panels and these trims lies in their simplicity. Everything is designed and precision moulded for easy DIY installation. It’s logical, and all makes perfect sense. You don’t need expensive tools or any construction experience.

Bathroom wall panel trim come in easy to use strips. Measure the required length and cut to size using a regular hacksaw or knife. There’s no mess involved, and it’s easy enough for a child to comprehend.

The bathroom wall panel trim has grooves into which the PVC wall panel fits snugly. Apply silicon glue to the inside of the grooves and slot your wall panel into position. All it takes is a slight push, and everything fits together neatly and entirely waterproof. Wipe away any excess glue that may have squeezed out, and you have a seamless, wonderfully professional finish.

Generally, a bathroom renovation will take several days. You will invariably have to wait for adhesives and other products to dry before you embark on the clean-up task. This, in itself, can be a significant undertaking.

If you’re using PVC wall panels and the correct bathroom trims, you could complete the entire bathroom in a matter of hours. There is no rubble and barely any dust or debris. So cleaning your bathroom, once you’re done, is hardly a problem.

PVC wall panels and bathroom wall panel trims have come as a revelation to so many homeowners. The immediate benefit is the low cost. Without compromising on style, or quality, PVC wall cladding is just about the cheapest wall cladding for a bathroom. The modular, simple design of the panels and the bathroom wall panel trim makes it simple and easy to install. This doubles your savings as you won’t need to employ expensive, skilled professionals. Even if your DIY skills are limited, you may easily be able to install the wall panels, and bathroom wall panel trims yourself. If you’re not up to the task, a general builder, or handyman will be able to do it for you, at very acceptable rates.

It is clear why PVC wall panels, along with bathroom wall panel trim, have become so sought after throughout Britain. It’s seldom that the cheapest solution is also one of the best in terms of quality and durability. By using bathroom cladding trim, along with the wonderfully durable PVC panels, you’re ensuring that your bathroom will look superb for a very long time. Perhaps more importantly, you have the reassurance that your home is completely protected from water damage.

While your bathroom may require the best water protection, these wall panels and trim can be used anywhere in your home. Because of their hard-wearing durability, PVC wall panels and trim are extensively used in high traffic commercial buildings. It’s not just a statement of style and good taste, PVC wall panels provide a high-quality cladding solution for any wall.

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