How To Clean A Shower Head: 5 DIY Methods

How To Clean A Shower Head: 5 DIY Methods

Shower heads are one of the most frustrating home appliances to clean, there’s so many little holes no brush in the world could do a sufficient job! How often do you clean your shower head? It’s recommended that you thoroughly clean your shower head at least once a month, however, regular weekly cleanings are the key to preventing bacteria and hard water build up. (Yikes). In this post, we’ve put together 5 quick and hassle free DIY methods to cleaning your shower head to help keep your bathroom literally sparkling and clean.

How to use a brush to clean your shower head

As we all know, not cleaning household items can lead to massive problems in the future, this can be from a number of things such as mould, rot and even causes illnesses. So before we dive into the best ways to clean your shower heads and appliances, lets take a look at why cleaning your shower head is important!

What you need: A plastic container big enough to fit your shower head, a brush and enough water to fill the container about 3/4 of the way.

  • Scrub your shower head with the brush. Put a large amount of water in the bottom of your container and spray your shower head with your usual bathroom cleaner then get to brushing.
  • Avoid using too much water, and use the brush slowly to make sure the water spreads across the surface of the shower head. Rinse the shower head with clean water to wash away any soap, hard water build up and soap.
  • Don’t use a metal brush! Shower heads are highly polished and prone to rust, so using a metal brush may actually damage your shower head and actually cause more damage. Use a soft, non-metal brush instead and lightly rub it around your shower head to remove hard water build up.

Don’t worry about finding a specialised brush, a toothbrush will do this job perfectly! A quick and easy hack to get a glistening shower head again.

How to use vinegar to clean your shower head

What you’ll need: Half a cup of white vinegar, Half a cup of washing soda (sodium bicarbonate), washing liquid and a spray bottle

  • Mix both the ingredients in a bowl
  • Add a few drops of dishwashing liquid and dissolve it well
  • Spray this mixture on the shower head and let it sit for five minutes
  • Repeat this every alternate day to keep the shower head sparkling clean and squeaky clean

Instead of buying a spray bottle, why not try using an empty bottle of bathroom cleaner. This is a quick and easy way to save money on cleaning products and reduce waste too!

How to use baking soda to clean your shower head

Yep, this method is a go-to for DIY cleaners and will keep your shower head smelling fresh as a daisy. If you’ve been looking for a quick and easy way to clean your shower head, this one’s for you.

What you’ll need: 1 tablespoon of baking soda, 1 litre of warm water, 1 plastic bag big enough to fit around your shower head.

How to use baking soda to clean your shower head:

  • Mix the baking soda with water in a bowl, just before you’re about to clean your shower head.
  • Pour the baking soda mixture into the plastic bag, tie it around your shower head and allow it to soak.
  • To clean your shower head, scrub the shower head with a damp cloth.
  • After scrubbing the shower head with a damp cloth, wipe it head dry.
  • Follow up by cleaning the shower head with a small amount of shampoo or soap, making sure to get any residue off with clean water.

How to use dish soap to clean your shower head

If you’re looking for an easy, minimal product and effective way to clean your shower head this is the method for you. Start with cleaning your shower head by rinsing it with warm water and then drain out the excess water. Rinse out any remaining soap residue with fresh water. Add a few drops of dish detergent or soap to the rinsed-out shower head and thoroughly scrub it. Scrub the shower head vigorously with a soft toothbrush to get rid of the soap residue. Then rinse and repeat the shower head with warm water. To drain the soap residue from the shower head, switch your shower on and let the fresh water run for a 2 minutes or so then wipe any residue with a damp cloth.

How to use lemon to clean your shower head

Lemon is a very acidic fruit, when mixed into a water solution it will easily remove any scum that has formed on your shower head. Mix the juice of half a lemon with a small amount of white vinegar and scrub your shower head in the sink for a quick clean. The acidic lemon juice will also remove any grout and get rid of stubborn soap scum build up, just mix equal parts baking soda and lemon juice in a bowl and scrub away with a cloth. Then, rinse thoroughly with warm water. What makes lemon juice such an effective solution for cleaning your shower head is that it’s a natural abrasive and will get rid of the hard, baked-on dirt and grime on the shower head.

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