Wall Panels For Commercial Kitchens : The Benefits of PVC

Wall Panels For Commercial Kitchens : The Benefits of PVC

Wall Panels For Commercial Kitchens : The Benefits of PVC

Wall cladding is extremely important as far as interior design goes since it determines the atmosphere and charisma of a building for a large part. Hence, as regards kitchens, wall cladding is pertinent as well, even more so when the kitchen in question is a commercial kitchen.

We know the importance of optimising your kitchen & everyday spaces for food safety standards, product quality is one thing you won’t have to sacrifice when it comes to PVC Cladding. The quality panels offer a range of solutions to your kitchen problems, take it from industry experts.

Now, wall panels come in every shape and size but recently, plastic wall panels have become increasingly popular. But why? Keep reading to find out the most prominent benefits of choosing to install wall panels over traditional ceramic tiles in your commercial kitchen.

1. Easy Maintenance: Cleaning PVC Panels

A commercial kitchen will have to meet certain regulatory standards in order to pass health & safety standards, and keep updated with the food safety regulations. You may think this is related directly to the food prepping stations, but this is incorrect. For your kitchen to meet the high standard levels you’ll need to operate in a completely hygienic environment, including hygienic walls, specialist safety floors and even ceilings to reach the ultimate hygiene standards.

First and foremost, it’s significantly easier to maintain PVC wall panels in comparison to wooden wall  cladding or tiles. In order to clean PVC wall panels, you only need soap, water, and a cleaning cloth in most cases so they’re remarkably hygienic. Since commercial kitchens can get quite a messy, they can often come with hygiene challenges when it’s busy, this positively is pertinent.

Keeping your commercial kitchen clean is an absolute requirement during food production for food safety management, a quick and efficient way of increasing the levels of hygiene in your restaurant or commercial kitchen area is to install a selection of PVC Cladding Panels, which make closing down and cleaning 10X easier.

On a related note, you don’t need to process PVC wall panels or paint them since they come in different colours, so once again, easy maintenance is a definite advantage.

2. Humid and Temperature Resistance

Moreover, it doesn’t matter how hot, cold, or humid a commercial kitchen gets, plastic wall panels will be able to handle it all. They will also protect your kitchen against the formation of mould as to not become a breeding ground for bacteria. We all know the difficulties and frustrations of cleaning and removing mould, avoiding this at all costs is a crucial feature in commercial buildings and kitchens!

Nevertheless, this helpful characteristic is not only relevant regarding kitchen wall panels, but is also a perfect addition to any type of environment, whether that’s communal spaces, bathrooms or any wet environments.

3. Versatile Styling Options

As mentioned before, PVC panels truly come in all shapes and sizes. For instance, you can go in the direction of smooth panels, or you could choose to go in the direction of panels with carvings or processed in another way. Even more so, if you’d prefer, you could even purchase PVC panels that imitate other materials such as wood, marble, stone or tile effect very closely. From a distance, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Additionally, there’s a very varied assortment of colours to choose, and a wide range of sizes so there are countless possibilities in this department.

4. Straightforward to Install

Another useful benefit as regards PVC materials is that they’re incredibly light, certainly in contrast to what’s the case for tiles or wood. As a result, it’s very straightforward and not at all challenging to install plastic wall panels.

When considering commercial wall panels, you may benefit from taking a read of our installation guidance, which offers helpful tips to preparing your space for the panels, cutting the panels to measure and a complete rundown on how to properly care for your brand new commercial kitchen walls.

Consequently, there’s no need for a professional to fit the panels, saving yourself & your commercial property hundreds of pounds in installations fees. Additionally, once they’re installed, you don’t need to paint or finish them in any way, so the cladding of your commercial kitchen will be completely ready.

5. Budget-friendly

One of the most noteworthy advantages associated with PVC wall panels is that they’re extremely budget friendly in comparison to other types of wall products . Yet, this doesn’t entail that you will have to
compromise on the quality of your commercial kitchen. It’s quite the contrary, PVC wall panels offer a great price-quality ratio.

For example, as a quality alternative to tiles, in order to completely redecorate your restaurant kitchen or larger kitchen it would averagely cost upwards of £600-£800 depending on the size of the commercial environment with the average cost of installation being £150-£200 per day. Not to mention the overall cost of ceramic wall tiles during maintenance and care.

Ultimately, cladding walls and PVC Wall designs will provide a much cheaper cost per materials. For example, it’s averaged that between £300-£500 is spent on the wall systems in a commercial environment . With the ability to install and remove yourself, cutting down the high prices of installation.

The reason behind the budget-friendly nature of PVC wall panels is that there are almost no extra costs of paint or cleaning or anything else once they’re installed. Also, they’re immensely durable so you won’t need other wall cladding for your commercial kitchen anytime soon. Hence, it’s surely recommended to invest in PVC wall panels for your building, bathroom, or kitchen. They will last up to 30

6. Environment-friendly

Finally, the last advantage related to designing your commercial kitchen with plastic wall panels is that’s it’s the right decision if you’re committed to being environment-friendly. As mentioned above with the former advantage, PVC panels are extremely durable and can last up to 30 years. On a related note, PVC is a material that’s significantly easy to recycle, and as a consequence, the recycled materials can be used to create new wall cladding made of plastic. In the grand scheme of things, this thus means that PVC wall cladding for your commercial kitchen is the way to go if you want to contribute to protecting the environment. This definitely is worth considering, especially if you compare the durable nature of PVC with wood for example, since this type of wall cladding is very detrimental to the state of trees and forests in general.

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