23 Creative Ways to Revamp Your Downstairs Bathroom

23 Ideas To Transform Your Downstairs Bathroom

Your downstairs cloakroom or bathroom is likely to be the smallest room in your home, must just consist of a toilet, a sink and the smallest bin you were able to get your hands on. It is also the room that guests will often use when they visit. Thus, it can be challenging to decorate effectively or visualise how to make it a wholesome space that fits in with the rest of your house.

This article provides you with 23 top tips to make the most out of your downstairs cloakroom, providing space-saving and decorative advice, enabling you to create a room that you are proud to show off to your visitors.

Structural design features

1. Check your dimensions
If you want to have a toilet and a basin in your downstairs cloakroom, you will need a space area equivalent of 80cm by 140cm. Additionally, it is helpful to have a door that opens outwards from your small bathroom, into the adjoining room or corridor, rather than one that opens into your downstairs cloakroom.

2. Consider the placement of your toilet
Is your toilet in the centre of the room? Does the position of your toilet mean that there is wasted space to either side of it? Consider moving it to the back or corner of your downstairs bathroom. It will enable you to create the maximum amount of space for other storage units and decorative touches.

3. Watch out for your tap choice
Keep taps unobtrusive and simple within the dimensions of the basin area. Try to avoid ‘waterfall’ tap models as they can overflow and cause a lot of damage in a limited space.

4. Assess your lighting
Decide what lighting options you wish to have. You may want to maximise space, while also keeping a cosy and welcoming feel. You might consider recessed spotlighting, coupled with some backlit features. The option of backlit shelving and mirrors give the illusion of space and make a bold, interior statement for your small bathroom.

5. Invest in a large mirror
Mirrors are said to be an interior designer’s best friend. Putting a large mirror over your basin, or a long mirror down one wall, enables it to reflect your cosy and warm lighting. It also provides the illusion of infinite space.

6. Maximise storage space
Having boxed in storage and wall mounted vanity units are an ideal way to hide your essential bathroom items, such as cleaning products and toilet paper. Putting discrete storage units into your small bathroom also gives a clean, smooth finish to this compact area of your house. Additionally, mounting a few shelves, just above head height, in your downstairs cloakroom provides another means of increasing the storage potential of this room, while enhancing the available surfaces to display decorative finishing touches.

7. Consider how your cabinets open
Traditional cabinets that swing outwards minimise the available space you could use for other things in your small bathroom. Consider installing cabinets which open using sliding or folding doors. Not only are they practical space savers, but they also look supremely elegant.

8. Tidiness can never be underestimated
One of the best things you can do to transform your small bathroom is to keep it tidy. Keep your small bathroom items in their storage cupboards and make sure things are positioned neatly on shelves. Give your small bathroom the respect it deserves by giving it a clean once a week. Invest in toilet roll holders and soap dispensers. Not only does tidiness add to the illusion of spaciousness, but it also allows you to appreciate the fine details of the room.

9. Cover up pipework
You might want to try and box in water or effluent pipes from your taps, heating and toilet systems. By boxing in these objects, the eye registers a continuing area of space, which would otherwise be broken up by pipework. This neat and affordable trick is yet another way you can transform your small bathroom, making it seem wider, with a professional finish.

10. Include a heated towel rail
Having a heated towel rail in your downstairs cloakroom provides an excellent alternative to a conventional radiator. The sleek and space-saving design offers additional storage for your hand towels. It also ensures your small bathroom remains and warm and cosy sanctuary, without having to invest in additional heating.

11. Choose a silent ventilation
A small space can be pungent. So, investing in a quiet and efficient ventilation system can make your small bathroom a place people will enjoy spending time in.

Getting into details

12. Use oversized tiles
Many people make the mistake of using small tiles in a small bathroom. However, using oversized tiles draws the eye outwards and creates the illusion of that all-important factor, space. Using oversized tiles on either your walls or floor also gives you the artistic licence to create a striking ambience in your downstairs cloakroom.

13. Have a feature wall
If a tiled surface does not have an appeal, then you might want to try a feature wall instead. Having a feature wall elongates a small space. A feature wall also enables you to make creative interior design statements.

14. Add impact through understated walls
If there’s no way to have a feature wall, here’s another option to express your creativity – using wallpapers or wall panels. They can add a burst of colours and effects to your small space. Wallpaper is easy to fit and affordable, but if you want a more durable option, you can use wall panel instead. It is 100% non-porous, available in a range of stylish and elegant tile-effect designs and you can install it on top of tiles. It offers a superb finish, and it’s DIY-friendly. They’re one of the easiest ways to update your space with less labour and cost.

15. Be bold with your décor
Many people think a small space needs diminutive touches, but this is not the case. Be bold and daring with your choices of patterns and colours. Try out an elaborate wallpaper, a mural or brightly coloured paintwork. Just because it is a small room, it does not need to be a quiet room.

16. Display personal touches
Use empty surfaces as a means to display personal items. These will give people a taste of you, your family and your personality. Take pride in showcasing family photographs, vacation memories or favourite artworks. It can add an authentic touch to your downstairs cloakroom.

17. Add an indoor plant
Having plants in your downstairs cloakroom bring an air of relaxation to space. You can purchase a range of plants that do not require large amounts of light or moisture. Succulents such as aloes and bleeding hearts will add texture and life to your small bathroom.

18. Maximise the corner
When you have a limited area, you can’t afford to waste any space. So try using corner toilets or corner basins. It can be a great way to maximise the space so you can put more fittings in it and unlock its full potential.

19. Remove all clutter in the floor
One of the best ways to keep your bathroom neat is to remove all the clutters on the floor, including the bathroom fixtures. Try using wall hung bathroom fixtures such as wall-hung toilets and vanity units instead because they are wall-hung toilets and wall hung vanity units. They are excellent space-saving ideas that are perhaps more cost-effective than you might have thought initially.

20. Try the space-saving combos
Using combination units is also a great way to add style and save space in your cloakroom bathroom. You can use a combination of toilet, basin and vanity or a two-in-one toilet and basin. Another combo unit that’s worth trying is a mirrored cabinet; which is especially useful if you haven’t got any other storage options open to you.

21. State it with apothecary jars
Here’s another trick to make your space look subtle and understated. Organise your toiletries, remove it from the packaging and put it together in an apothecary or masonry jars. If it is beautifully crafted, it can enhance the aesthetics of your space as long as it complements the design of your downstairs bathroom.

22. Add minimalist accessories
If you want to add more charisma, why not try adding minimalist accessories? You can use matching sets of a soap dispenser, tower rails, toothbrush holder, and shelves. It can keep your room harmonised, perfectly finished and polished.

23. Consider a statement fragrance
People often forget scent when considering the interiors of their small bathrooms. But you surely wouldn’t want your guests to feel disgusted with your bathroom’s smell. Your bathroom’s scent should be as pleasant and welcoming as the aesthetics. By choosing clean and fresh fragrances, such as peaches, cranberry or sandalwood can complete the sensory experience you want when transforming your downstairs cloakroom.

A complete transformation

By choosing to use some of these structural and decorative ideas for your downstairs cloakroom with reinventing this area of your house, you can transform your bathroom from a muddled, cluttered space into a functional and beautiful room which will be a treasured asset to your home.

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