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Marble Wall Panels

Unique and Specialised Range of Marble Effect Bathroom Wall panels. Order a Free Sample of our Mosaic Tile, White Marble, or Natural Stone Today!

Raw marble is known for giving a seemingly timeless and luxurious look to any household, but as with any luxury it comes with a price. Here at Easy Panels our goal is to offer you the same luxuries but with an affordable price. Marble bathrooms are the epitome of the glamour and style of home décor, in fact bathrooms with marble tile often increase the value of your home. With their distinct characteristics such as their grey and gold veins that create an idyllic design, Marble walls are a guaranteed head turner. But there’s no denying that marble comes with an equally chic price tag, let alone the installation costs. 

So here’s an easy and cost-effective alternative for a premium marble bathroom, available with a variety of colours and marble designs. 

Our collection consists of carefully selected tile effects to suit your wildest preferences, from traditional mosaics, classic stone tiles, or timeless marble tiles. Browse through our options and find the perfect fit for your bathroom, they are guaranteed to add character and flare to any wet room wall.

Marble Effect Bathroom Panels

With new ranges of tile effect bathroom wall panels being included all the time. We do our best to keep you updated with current trends, new products and top sellers. Our most recent favourites include the Mosaic Tile collection, our white marble with golden veins, polished marble  and of course the natural marble and natural stone bathroom wall panels.  Shop our Marble Shower Walls for beautiful stone collections replicating natural material with a classical matte finish.

Classic Marble Effect Panels

Storm Grey Marble

10mm Storm Grey Marble

Based on Carrara Marble

Lightning grey marble (6)

10mm Lightning Marble

Based on Carrara Marble

white marble

10mm White Marble

Based on Boticcino Marble

Pergamon Marble Panels 5

10mm Pergamon Marble

Based on Carrara Marble

Storm Grey Marble

8mm Storm Grey Marble

Based on Carrara Marble

Lightning grey marble (6)

8mm Lightning Marble

Based on Carrara Marble

Storm Grey Marble

5mm Storm Grey Marble

Based on Carrara Marble

Lightning grey marble (6)

5mm Lightning Marble

Based on Carrara Marble

Pergamon Marble Panels 610

5mm Pergamon Marble

Based on Carrara Marble

Our marble bathroom panels are made from UPVC cladding and come in a range of thicknesses’ from 5mm, 8mm, and 10mm. They can be customised to fit your dimensions and around fixtures such as light features and taps. These Marble mosaic panels can be paired brilliantly with light wood cabinets or white cabinets, but decorate them in your own style, we’d love to see what you come up with for our polished marble tile designs. 

Compared to traditional tiling, bathroom cladding has a stress free installation process and a quick and easy upkeep, you wont experience any nasty kinds of stains with this bathroom cladding, say goodbye to rust stains and water damage, that’s why our marble range shower wall panels are the best around.

No need for grout with our marble effect bathroom tiles. Saving you time and money!

With our definitive tongue and groove system you get the Premier guarantee: a flawless showroom finish that lasts, all thanks to our lightweight marble panels

Faux Marble Tiles

Black Marble Effect (6)

Black Marble

Classic and timeless

white marble

10mm White Marble

Based on Boticcino Marble

There is minimum upkeep needed to maintain that polished look of these faux marble wall panels. With just a quick wipe you can keep your panels gleaming, no need for specialised marble cleaning services. Add these incredibly beautiful marble shower tiles to your home for the ultimate classic bathroom design. 

Avoid using abrasive cleaning products. Although our marble effect bathroom panels are durable, using abrasive products could cause scratches or damage the UPVC cladding, they’re minimal effort so you won’t need heavy duty bathroom products

Our marble effect bathroom panel collection also protects your walls from condensation and mould. They are completely hygienic and non-porous, giving you only the best options for your home.

But let’s not limit ourselves to only bathrooms and walls. Marble effect panels are extremely versatile and can be used in bathrooms, showers, kitchens, more commercially in hotels and hairdressers, and on everything from walls, floors, and ceilings.

Marble Panels For Shower

Did you know?
Gold Stone tile effect

The timeless and classic elements of marble are linked to its origins in the Apuanian Alps of Northern Italy. Here it is considered one of the most beautiful expressions of nature and a worldly treasure of the region. So naturally with marble’s charm and rarity comes a uniquely high price tag.

Raw marble is a popular and expensive material with a growing market worth of $3.5billion and increasing as the market continues to develop, from marble flooring tiles, to marble surface and marble countertops it truly does add a touch of elegance to ones home.

Our aim is to provide you with the elegance of raw marble for the best marble alternative but at an affordable price.

Grey Marble Effect Tiles

Clean Panel - Black Marble Effect

Why Marble Panels?

When it comes to marble alternatives there a few avenues you could go down, from wallpaper, faux tiles, quartz tiles, and of course panels.

Wallpaper may be cheaper to purchase and install, but its lack of durability makes it a no-go for home sustainability (especially in bathrooms).

Tiles provide a stunning textured feature and have a certain sophisticated charm to them. But the purchasing price combined with installation and upkeep are certain downfalls.

For Example:

For example, to fit an average bathroom with dimensions of 5x8ft with 16×16 inch tiles you would need an average of 30 tiles per surface. Whereas, panels can be custom cut to suit your needs and fit your bathroom, so you save time and money!

Our secret to a stunning marble alternative is marble effect wall panels.

Marble effect wall panels offer a cheap and easy alternative to any home wanting to add a classic and sophisticated features to your home.

From unconventional modern design to timeless classics, you can reinvent and find your marble inspiration for a perfect home renovation.

Ultimately, we present the best alternative to a marble bathroom. With a quick installment, simple upkeep, and the same desirable result you can add a splash of marble to your dream bathroom for an incredible price.

Marble Effect Bathroom

What you need to know

Our marble look bathroom panels aren’t only practical but are guaranteed to completely reinvent your home with their stunning features. From our collections of Classic Marble, a Modern Twist and to Faux Marble Tiles, each design is lustrous and unique. We offer you glamour and subtle sophistication based on the original classic marble.

At out great prices we offer you a superior marble alternative for your home.

Get your home that luxurious look today!

With just some adhesive such as Silicone Sealant and nails and screws, you can attach the panels to your wall or ceiling.
All panels come with a groove specialised for our tongue and groove system. Meaning that the panels slot together perfectly for a seamless finish with no need for any sealant.
Although we do not offer this service, what is unique about these panels is that they can be custom cut to fit the dimensions of your bathroom or to fit around any fixtures you might have such as lights, taps, fans, and radiators.
Yes! No need to remove your existing tiles, these bathroom panels can be fitted over them with the same polished finish.
Yes we have free samples available!
Yes, your panels are 100% waterproof, provide insulation and don’t require a specific upkeep. Giving you a lifetime guarantee!
Our panels have a sleek gloss finish, unlike raw marble meaning that they are easier to clean with no scum or mould.

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