How to Choose PVC Trims

When embarking on a project involving PVC wall panels, choosing the right trims is crucial for achieving a seamless and polished finish. With various options available, it can be overwhelming to determine which trims are best suited for your needs. In this guide, we'll break down the factors to consider when selecting PVC trims, ensuring that you make informed decisions for your project.


Consider the Depth of the Panel

The depth of your PVC wall panel will determine the size of trims you require. Trims such as end caps, internal corners, external corners, or H-trims are designed to accommodate specific panel depths. For instance, an 8mm panel will necessitate an 8mm trim for a snug fit. However, trims like the 25mm external/angle trim or quadrants are universal and can fit panels of various depths, making them versatile options for your project.


Evaluate the Layout of the Room

The layout of your room plays a significant role in determining the type and quantity of trims needed. Consider factors such as the number of internal and external corners, the presence of windows, and the installation of ceiling panels. By assessing these elements, you can accurately determine the types and quantities of trims required for your project.


Choose the Trim Colour

The colour of the trim should complement the design aesthetic of your space. Whether you opt for white, black, grey, or chrome trims, consistency is key. Select a trim colour that harmonises with your chosen PVC wall panels, creating a cohesive and visually appealing look throughout the room.


Common Questions and Answers:

Q: What type of trim is suitable for a ceiling?

A: Quadrant, coving, or end cap trims are commonly used for ceilings.

Quadrant can be installed after wall and ceiling panels are fitted, while coving and end cap trims are installed concurrently with the panels.

Q: What type of trim is ideal for corners?

A: Internal corner, external corner or the universal 25mm external/angle trim are designed for corners. Internal and external corner trims are installed during panel fixation, whereas 25mm external/angle trims are fitted afterwards.

Q: What type of trim is recommended for use around the bath or shower tray?

A: We recommend an EasySeal ™ trim for a watertight seal and a neat finish, eliminating the need for exposed sealant and ensuring a professional appearance. Don’t forget to order your EasySeal end caps to disguise any cut edges.


In conclusion, choosing PVC trims involves assessing panel depth, room layout, and colour preferences. By following this comprehensive guide and considering common questions, you can confidently select trims that enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your PVC wall panel project.