8mm Chrome End Cap Trim
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8mm Chrome End Cap Trim



8mm x 2600mm Chrome Effect End Cap Trim


Put some metallic shine into your new dream bathroom with these 8mm chrome effect end cap trim. Also known in the trade as J trim and starter trim.

  • Easy fit – They simply slot and grip into place with the panel, though a little adhesive is recommended.
  • Dream finish – These add a quality edge to your room that will make it look like a professional did it.
  • 100% Waterproof – Our PVC products are not subject to rot or mould and wipe clean easily.




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The importance of a good finish cannot be overlooked. If you have wall panels installed in your home, the chances are that some of the edges are not properly finished off, require silicone or maybe even grout.

To complete your wall panel installation, our end cap might do the trick of giving you the kind of sharp bathroom polish you were hoping for.

More specifically, our 8mm chrome end cap trims can complete your panelling beautifully and professionally, and here’s why:

• Shiny Metallic Colour
The first thing you see on looking at our chrome end cap trim is its shiny metallic appearance, which seems very good and has a decorative aspect to it.

This is a chrome effect finish as stated in the product’s name, and it makes the end cap’s use quite universal because the colour can easily blend in with wall panels having different colours.

• Easy to Install
Our product is straightforward to install because it is designed to slot right on to the panels. The trim can be glued or screwed to the wall surface underneath, after which you need to slide in the wall panel.

A crucial thing to note, however, is these particular trim are only for panels that are 8mm thick can. Other sizes are available though.

• 100% waterproof
With a PVC construction, our product is entirely water resistant, and this makes it keep moisture from penetrating through to the wall underneath. The result of this is a cleaner finish because mould, rot and foul smells will not be experienced.

Another benefit of PVC is that it is very lightweight, making our 8mm chrome end cap trim easy to handle during transportation and installation.

• Easy to Clean
Because no mould or rot is expected on the PVC surface, all you have to do is to wipe clean the end cap trim every once in a while, and that’s it. This is a big advantage if compared to grout or silicone edges, which can discolour or grow mould.

• Large Size
Our chrome trim is quite big, measuring 2600mm in length. This is roughly the equivalent of the height from the floor to the ceiling, which means that one piece can be used to seal the edge of your wall panels from top to bottom.

• Affordable
Lastly, even with the generous size, good looking metallic surface, and a professional look, our PVC trim is very affordable and will set you back only a few pounds.

Get our 8mm chrome end cap trim and transform your wall panel edges to have a more professional, cleaner and hygienic finish.

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Dimensions 8 × 2600 mm