5mm Chrome External Corner Trim



5mm x 2600mm Chrome Effect External Corner Trim


Just cut, stick and slot. These chrome effect external corner trims take away the issues of poking out corners on your bathroom walls and windows.

  • Simple installation – Measure then cut, cover in adhesive then stick and slot your panels straight in.
  • Watertight – Wet wall edges can be tricky to get fully sealed and waterproof, but our PVC trim fit like a glove.
  • Mould free – uPVC doesn’t allow mould to grow on it, so it just wipes straight off as it’s so smooth and the same goes with stains and dust.

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The chrome effect external corner trim is a PVC strip meant for corners that stick out from your walls or windows. These make a potentially difficult job really easy by joining two wall panels efficiently and. It serves to decorate the walls for a professional look outcome. Its appeal is utmost felt since it is placed at the outside corners which appear to be a significant part during wall panelling. It also offers an excellent alternative to other conventional methods where adhesive fillers are used between tiles. It is cheap and easy to install which mainly makes it a better option for external corners. This trim is specified for 5 mm thick panels which fit at the left and right sides at their junction.

Why it is used

• It is appealing

Here is where the use of this trim comes. For the 5mm panels, the V-shaped gap can be easily transformed into a smooth curve transition from one end of the wall panel to the other end of the board. As for its use, just like the internal trim, it is used to close the gap at the corner joint while giving it a professionally done look.

It is used because of its ability to close the outward corner gap while at the same time giving the bathroom a shiny thematic effect which is very favourable for bathroom walls-they should be bright. Since the external corners are highly in contact with people operating in the room, probably while taking a shower or rinsing their teeth, the outer edges should be free from anything that could scratch them. It also plays a significant role here.

• It is easy to fix

For this trim, the wall panels being used should be 5mm in thickness for it to be favourable. Before fixing you first have to take the measurement. Cut the trim into the measured length and apply an adhesive because it is hard to attach it with screws and nails. The primary attribute to this is that it has to be fitted last after the panels have been fixed and there will be no room for drilling in screws and nails. The external chrome trim has two flat sides which match specific thicknesses of wall panels which in this case is 5mm. Once the wall panels have been put into place, apply an adhesive to the external cut trim and fix it between the two boards and wait for it to dry.

Additional information

Weight 0.28 kg
Dimensions 5 × 2600 mm