8mm Sandstone Large Tile Bathroom Wall Panel

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8mm Thick: 400mm x 2600mm


These fashionable and chic panels will reinvent your home. Get a clean-cut finish and a dazzling bathroom that lasts you a lifetime.

  • Versatile – Our panels can be perfect for your bathroom, on your walls, ceiling and even in your kitchen. Get creative and get your dream home today!
  • Durable – Waterproofing guaranteed, our panels save your walls from condensation, water damage and mould.
  • Cost-effective – With a quick application, easy upkeep and an affordable price tag, transforming your home has never been easier.
  • Quick application – With just some adhesive you can reinvent your home in no time. Check out our DIY videos for more helpful information.

8mm Chrome or White trims should be fitted when installing 8mm wall panels.

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Easy Sandstone Bathroom Panel, 8mm Thickness

Our Sandstone Tile effect panels will give any home a dash of sophistication and charm. Its unique pattern with a subtle sandstone has a modern and fashionable vibe to it, giving you a chic new bathroom.


At a low price, you can create a bathroom worthy of a premium showroom. This panel produces a tile-effect but has no real grout line. Thus, you can renovate your bathroom at a lower cost, but with pleasing aesthetics. 


Our specialised tongue and groove system gives you the same polished and seamless finish as tiles but with a long-lasting result. It also helps the panels to slot together neatly, which speeds up the installation. Unlike tiles, this wall covering option does not require cement or grout. You just need silicone adhesives, nails and screws to secure it to your walls. Thus you can spend less amount. It’s also easy to install and DIY-friendly. By following our guides, you can fit it on your own. 


Our panels are incredibly durable; they are 100% waterproof, saving your walls from condensation, mould and condensation. With the right installation and a little cleaning, it can serve you a long time.


They have quick and simple upkeep. Once installed, just wipe clean when needed to keep your home sparkling. With UPVC cladding, there’s no scum and no specific cleaning regimes, just easy cleaning for maintaining a clean and fresh household.


Another benefit of using wall panels like Sandstone tile panel is the heat insulation and soundproofing layer it adds to your home, which helps it become more energy efficient. 


With unique designs like our gold like sandstone panels, you can create a bespoke bathroom that lasts a lifetime. 

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So why wait? Reinvent your home today!

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Weight2.81 kg
Dimensions2600 × 400 × 8 mm