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Shower Panels

High quality shower panels available in a range of colours, sizes and styles, re-design your perfect bathroom and shower space with our water-resistant shower panels made to modernise your home, all at affordable prices & fast delivery, check out our incredible bathroom designs and design your dream bathroom today.

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Shower Panels UK

Our stunning shower panels come in a wide range of colours, styles and materials. At a very low cost you can use our bold style shower and wall panels to turn your old-dated bathroom to a modern, waterproof & more hygienic, not to mention far easier to clean and maintain. Our UK only shower and wall panels can be used as a cladding solution throughout your home due to our vast options in different sizes, thickness and aesthetic, and they are 100% water repellent. Whatever your home decoration project, our panels can provide completely unique design styles for your bathroom décor, bathtub space or shower enclosure.

Whether you want to add sparkle to your bathroom, high gloss to your kitchen or a wood effect feature wall to your living room, we have panels that will brighten up any shower stall and provide a perfect and innovative shower wall solution. Our waterproof shower panels come in varied designs each providing that quality seamless finish your bathroom deserves.

Where to use PVC Shower Panels.

Use PVC panels in commercial properties such as retail spaces for cleaner restaurant restrooms. The laminate shower panels offer a range of designs which provides watertight finish for your guests. Choose from our incredibly popular London Tile or opt for a more natural stone bathroom cladding design with our York Stone Shower Panel

Our stylish shower panel designs can be used in multiple different bathroom settings from the classic shower tower, alcove shower or even your smaller en-suite. Be confident that your bathroom renovation will be have ever- lasting beauty with our shower and wall panels.

Shower Panels aren’t just a cost effective bathroom solution, they can also be used in offices, kitchens and home gyms. Take a look at our collection of  panels to find the perfect fit for your home. Brick effect panels can bring a New York feel to your office space, whilst our polished concrete is perfect for your home workout area.

Forget about ceramic tiles and shower tiles, shower panels can provide deep textures and compliment stainless steel and shower heads perfectly.

Our panels can be ordered for delivery or collected from our store. Our helpful team will gladly answer any questions you may have regarding our waterproof wall panels, PVC shower panels, Wall panel design ideas or how to install your shower panels. So if your looking for the complete shower renovation using the most contemporary shower accessories to highlight your sophisticated bathroom space, consider Easy Panels for your bathroom remodelling project to get the perfect bathroom finish.



Are shower panels better than tiles?

Shower panels definitely have a bigger advantage over ceramic tiles. Due to their simplicity, they are incredibly easy for bathroom installation and therefore won’t require a professional to fit them. Shower panels also cost less and provide a bigger waterproof guarantee.

Are shower panels cheaper than tiles?

Yes, often shower and bathroom panels can be cheaper than tiles. You may be able to find cheaper tiles, however the cost of maintenance on shower and wall panels are way cheaper than tile maintenance and repair. Also shower panels will require less maintenance than your average tiles.

Do I need a large bathroom for shower panels? 

Bathroom and shower panels can be used as decorative walls in any standard bathroom including small – midsize bathrooms or larger bathroom areas. No matter the bathroom size, you will be able to easily install your latest bathroom supplies and fit the laminated wall panels accordingly.

Can you put shower panels over tiles?

Yes, you don’t have to remove your existing tiles to install shower panels. Adding shower panels on top of your tiles will only add to the water resistance.

Can you drill into shower wall panels?

Yes, but you’ll then need to apply a sealant after you’re finished to ensure it remains waterproof.

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