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Different types of Wall Panel Trim

Trim Types

Choosing bLack trim for your wall panels

Throughout the UK more and more people are turning to uPVC wall panels to renovate and decorate their homes. This is mainly because wall panels with the right trims can give a charming and captivating look even to the most basic room.

The panels are designed to create insulation between the wall and your room. They protect your walls from deteriorating and at the same time giving your house a complete makeover.

But to achieve the best decorative results, you need to select the right trims to accompany your wall panels. PVC trims are essential to hide any exposed edges or gaps and create a clean final touch to your walls.

Choosing your wall panel trim colour

Wall panel trims come in a variety of colours. Picking the right one is crucial for highlighting the best features of your home. When choosing the colour of your trims, it is essential to consider factors such as the amount of light in the room, the colour of the wall panels themselves, the size of the room and more.

Darker colours have increasingly grown in popularity with bathrooms and wet walls and black trim makes the perfect accompaniment.

Make a statement with Black PVC Wall Panel Trims.

Black PVC wall panel trims are an exciting and popular choice for homeowners, whereas for a long time people stuck to white with a dash of wood for edging, bathroom designs have got bolder. It used to be that trim would come in any colour as long as it was white. Hotels have done a lot to change that with dark and dramatic bathrooms over the last 20 years.

If you need a more modern, chic feeling for your house, then black is the colour for you. It is a particularly punchy colour that has the power to transform any basic room and give it some edge.

Modern design experts suggest that you should choose trims that are several shades darker than the colour of your walls. Fortunately, black trims go well with all shades of currently trending room colours such as; green, blue and grey.

Black trims pair exceptionally well with almost any colour or décor in your room. You can match them with totally unexpected colours such as lavender or green-yellow to create a dramatic and still elegant look.

It’s important to note that users with certain styles the black colour fights for attention as a contrast for those looking to frame a feature wall or area. This is especially true when paired with white, cream and other such warm, light colours. Black trims are therefore ideal if you have beautiful views or wall panels that you want to be highlighted as a portrait.

Black trims are also timeless and sophisticated, so you won’t worry about them being outdated any time soon.


Black wall panel trims are crisp, modern and daring. The trims make good partners for any other colours in your home. They are ideal for giving your home a bold and sophisticated look.