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Tile Effect wall panels

Our tile effect bathroom wall panels offer a range of quirky patterns and modern simplicity. Whether you’re after something with a bit of mediterranean inspiration or a simple tile effect to bring out style and elegance, our tile effect panel collection has something for you. 

Our collection consists of carefully selected tile effects to suit your wildest preferences, from traditional mosaics, classic stone tiles, or timeless marble tiles. Browse through our options and find the perfect fit for your bathroom, they are guaranteed to add character and flare to any bathroom or shower walls.

Bathroom Panels Instead Of Tiles

With new ranges of tile effect bathroom wall panels being included all the time. We do our best to keep you updated with current trends, new products and top sellers.

But why switch from classic ceramic tiles to bathroom panels?

Explore the benefits of Panels vs Tiles Now. 

Classic Tile Effect Panels


Crisp and Coastal

Classic Grey Tile

Classic Grey

Really Popular

Modern Grey Tile

Modern Grey

Light Neutral

London Tile

Urban Twist

Roman Blue

Modern Flare

Stone Tile

Refined Earth Tone

Classic Brown Tile Effect (4)

Classic Brown

Subtle Sophistication

Our collection of classic tile effect wall panels offers a dynamic range of timeless and elegant designs that can add different tones to your bathroom. It boasts different neutral hues, warm tones, as well as, stylish modern tile designs. 

Whether you want a minimalist and light panel that encapsulates a modern style while adding a lot more depth, timeless design with subtle sophistication or a  palette of fresh tone and neutral accent, this set of wall panel can exceed your expectation. Find the perfect design for any space of your home and go beyond the limits with these stunning wall panels. 

Mosaic Tile Effect Panels

Blue Mosiac Shower Panel

Roman Blue Mosaic

A Crowd Pleaser

Light Mosaic Tile

Vibrant and Fresh

Our Mosaic Tile Effect Wall Panels are designed to give your bathroom and other spaces a hint of sophistication. This wall panel collection offers a different design that fits any space. Whether you’re fancy of a vibrant wet wall in a Mediterranean Style or a modern mosaic design that provides a fresh and polished feel, this great selection has something to offer.

So if you want stunning designs for your bathroom or feature walls,  feel free to browse and choose the style that suits your taste. They are guaranteed to level up the aesthetics of your space while giving you the benefits of grout-free and waterproof walls. See more designs now and don’t be afraid to maximize mosaic tile effect wall panel’s full potential. 

Marble Tile Effect Panels

Black Marble Effect (6)

Black Marble

Classic and timeless

Our marble tile effect wall panel collection reflects and emanates the timeless beauty of marbles fused into EasyPanels. It features gold-infused marble tile effect wall panels, timeless black marbles, hot gold stones and a modern grey veined marble. 

These panels are perfect for adding glam and charm to your bathroom walls and make it worthy of a showroom. Browse for more designs and start the bathroom makeover today.

Tile Effect Shower Walls

White Gloss Tile 2

Our collection also features tile effect panels for your shower, perfect for adding flare and glamour to a simple bathroom.
These shower panels are ideal for creating an inspired wet room or a luxurious shower feature. Our panels are completely waterproof, so need to worry about water damage and mould. Transform your bathroom one click today!

wall panel bath

Our panels have that timeless tile effect but save you the time and hassle of grouting and a consuming installation process.
We offer a specialised tongue and groove system that ensures that the panels slot together neatly, so you get that premium showroom finish every time.

Combining Tile Effect Panels

With our tile-effect wall panels, you have the power to channel your creativity by exploring its function. You have the freedom to combine classic tile effect wall panels with the mosaic tile effect panels to highlight parts of your bathroom and achieve a more professional finish

. Take, for example, the design in these photos.

 The Roman Blue Tile Effect Shower Panel is used above the basin area while the shower cubicle features the Roman Blue Mosaic. It’s a great way to emphasise your shower, and it’s also an excellent way to add more character to your feature walls. So if you want to upgrade your bathroom cost-effectively without compromising quality and aesthetics, choose Easy Panels today!

Tile Effect Wall Panels FAQ

Frequently asked questions from our tile effect collection 

YES! The average cost for tile cladding is around £25- 45/m² while the average cost for a tile-effect wall panel is around £14-17/m². So, you’ll find the tile-effect wall panels much cheaper than tiles per meter squared and will save you time and money with fitting.

Yes, bathroom panels can be installed on top of the existing tiles in your bathroom, a hassle-free and quick process. But if you want a more uniform structure before installing the panels, here’s a pro tip: put some cladding strips on the tile or other surfaces first. You’ll definitely achieve a professional finish without removing the existing cladding.

No difference, they are the same product. Tradesman usually uses the term cladding as it is essentially the more technical term. Whereas, the term bathroom panel is used more commercially.

No! There’s no need for grout because tile-effect wall panels have a sleek and glossy finish and with the unique tongue and groove system, you’ll get that same polished finish that you get with traditional tiles. However, some of our tile-effect wall panels appear to have a grout line, thanks to the modern 3D printing technique which made it possible to create a very realistic grout line without a fuss.

Using a silicon-based adhesive is highly recommended to get the best results when installing your panels because it offers better adhesion, and it is mould-resistant and waterproof.

The only difference between shower and bathroom panels is that they come in different dimensions and thicknesses.

Shower panels are 10mm thick, 2400mm long and 1000mm wide. Whereas, bathroom panels are 8mm thick, 2600mm long and 400mm wide. 

Furthermore, bathroom wall panels are sold in packs of 4, whereas shower panels are sold individually. 

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