Bathroom Windowsill Ideas: Six Stylish Options For Your Home

Bathroom Windowsill Ideas: Six Stylish Options For Your Home

Bathroom Windowsill Ideas: Six Stylish Options For Your Home

Window sills are the perfect place to showcase your favourite pieces of art and collectibles. They don’t need to be bare, but they can also give your spaces a personal touch. Whether you choose a style that’s bold or classic, colourful or monochromatic, window sill decorating is easy when you know how to do it right. Not sure where to start? Here are six popular choices for your bathroom window sills.

What are some ways to decorate your bathroom windowsill?

If you’re looking for decorating ideas, you’re in the right place, your bathroom window sill shouldn’t be hidden away behind roller blinds, it should be embraced and decorated with all of your favourite aesthetical pieces to compliment your room.

The bathroom window sill is the perfect focal point for natural light embracing this is mandatory to good design tactics, so whether you’re using neutral colours for a contemporary bathroom, or focusing on monochromatic bathroom design ideas, let’s explore some of our favourite decor styles options for your window ledge.

Monochromatic window sill style

For a monochromatic window sill, you can dress it up with some paint colours. A common mistake is that monochromatic means ‘black and white’, however monochromatic is the style of one colour in variable shades.

The perfect way to include a monochromatic approach to your bathroom window ideas is to paint in a base tone of one colour for example beige. With your base paint being beige you can then decorate with bathroom accessories in lighter shades of cream, or darker shades of brown.

These typical styles appeal to the more modern and blissful bathroom, rather than a traditional style bathroom. Bathroom colour styles are ever changing, and there are often trends in bathroom colour designs.

Nature Style Window Sill Design

The bathroom window sill ecosystem is the fastest up-and-coming trend in home décor and home design across the UK.

With indoor plant pots becoming a common household accessory in bedrooms, kitchens, and even bathrooms. Potted plants are now being a common attribute to the bathroom window sill design.

Plants are known to help clear the air and reduce indoor dust levels, plus add a genuine naturalist aesthetic that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance or a lot of money.

If you’re anything like me, you can invest in fake succulents which require even less maintenance, as I’ll often forget to care for house plants, I have now begun opting for artificial succulents, which generally offer the same design and aesthetic.

Bold coloured window sill style

I love this style because the bold colours give your bathroom a burst of energy. It’s perfect for a small space that needs a lot of visual stimulation. It’s also easy to change out pieces depending on what you’re feeling in the mood for at the moment.

Picking bold coloured accessories is pretty simple, with a bold colour you don’t have to focus so much on ‘matching & pairing’ off bathroom accessories, so no more worrying about the perfect bath mat, or shower curtain.

Your bathroom features can be unique, choosing random colours as a pop of vibrancy across the traditional room.

For example, your bathroom vanity may have a pop of bright pink colour, whilst your bathroom window coverings may be a shade of baby blue, whereas your bath towels may be baby yellow.

The whole meaning of having a bold coloured window sills décor is that from ceiling to floor your bathroom is unique and easily changeable.

Colourful window sill style

A brightly coloured window sill is a great way to add colour and drama to any space, but it can also be a lot of work. Unlike the randomness of bold coloured bathroom windowsill ideas, having a colourful window sill style is different, the colourful style needs to match your existing aesthetic.

Try pricking the perfect colour scheme by finding main attributes such as bathroom vanity stations & mirrors that you like and planning around the colour accent.

On your coloured window sill you can place candle holders, flower pots, and picture frames in your desired colour scheme for the perfect and cheap ‘put together’ look, without having to break the bank.

The difference between colourful window sill and bold colours is that a colourful window style is still keeping within theme, whereas a bold coloured window sill will be unique and almost random in design.

Classically styled window sill

If you want a window sill that’s both classic and elegant, you should probably choose something all white. This is a very popular choice for many people because it goes with many different styles of homes.

White bathroom designs are typically the most popular for bathroom designs in the UK, and particularly the overall bathroom window ideas, as white compliments and pairs nicely with the natural light that can shine through your bathroom window glass.

It’s likely that for a white bathroom your bathroom window decoration needs are really quite minimal, and only offer subtle hints at design, some popular choices for these are wax and oil sticks, small neutral candles, and boxes of luxury tissues.

How Do You Decorate a Small Window Sill?

If you’re struggling with space in your bathroom window sill, then don’t worry there’s a number of the designs listed above that can be attributed to smaller bathroom window sill designs. Alternatively, if you struggle with a small bathroom and a small window sill, why not incorporate your bathroom window sill into your bathroom storage ideas?

With a small window sill it’s also easier to cut and measure bathroom wall panels to fit in and completely cover your window areas.

You can decorate a small window sill with storage units, a vanity mirror, or even an assortment of plants. These are all cost-effective ways to budget and design your window sill.


Let your bathroom windowsill be a canvas for your creativity. The possibilities are endless and you can use your window sill to express your personal style. To make your window sill stand out from the rest and make it an integral part of the room’s decor, choose one of these six stylish designs!

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