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Choosing your bathroom style

Whether you want to give your bathroom a facelift or remodel it, bathrooms are no longer dull spaces covered in plain tiles. Homeowners are sprucing up their bathrooms with magnificent designs, thanks to modern technology which makes it possible to recreate natural decor materials for the bathroom. Given that you’re likely to use your bathroom more than other rooms in the house, it should not be basic and plain. Luckily, these six bathroom trends are bringing the pop and spice every homeowner needs.

Statement Walls

From the living room to powder rooms, accent walls have made their way into bathrooms. These are walls that stand out and speak volumes about your taste and personality. It could be the wall behind a statement mirror, next to your bathtub or the window. Whichever partition you choose to accent, there are several ways to do this. You could go for colourfully patterned tiles if you’re working with an ample space or cover the wall in earthy stone effect panels to give it an outdoor feel. If your bathroom is tiny, minimal marble patterns should work correctly.

Woodwork finishes

For many years, wood has been kept away from bathrooms due to its inability to withstand water. However, modern technology has enabled clever imitation of wood patterns through wall panels. Water-resistant wood panels are gracing bathroom walls more than ever, and they’re a sight to behold. Wood exudes class and sentimentalism as it is an old-fashioned but timeless decor material. Different wood effects will bring a different feel to your bathroom. Whether you like the warmly-toned oak or a bold hardwood effect, woodwork in bathrooms will bring a smile to your face, every time you walk in for a shower.

Bold Black Walls

White has dominated bathrooms for long enough, and it’s high time black took its place as a viable colour option. Bold dark wet rooms are becoming commonplace as designers try to introduce a much-needed wave of change. Black is a classy and daring colour which can be added to the bathroom in several styles. If you’re lucky to have a spacious bathroom, you may go all black but only if you’re daring enough. However, if you’re working with limited space, a black high contrast statement wall will do just fine.


Marble is a high-end luxury product, often associated with prestige and class. It has dominated the kitchen area for long, especially on countertops. Bathrooms have also adapted the prestigious look by incorporating marble on the walls, sinks and tubs. Marble is also making big impressions in smaller bathrooms which do not have much room for dramatic trends. This stone comes in different patterns and hues, such as grey, black and brown, suitable for different personalities and preferences.

Rustic Decor

If the glittery and fancy decor does not excite you, there is something special for you. Your bathroom does not have to adopt a smooth modern appearance, as rustic materials are making their way into this traditionally modest and conservative space. Brick, concrete and rough, earthy textures are becoming a favourite for many. Rustic bathrooms are unique and artistic. The granular materials can be installed on the walls, ceiling or around bathtubs. It all depends on how much rustic stone you can handle.

Natural Accents

For a while now, nature lovers have been exploring different ways to add a pinch of nature to their bathrooms. Indoor plants can be a great go-to choice to add a little life into a wet room, but there are more options. Large windows that bring in natural lighting and rare views, creative lighting that sparks an outdoor feeling and glass wall panels with plant/waterfall imprints are some of the ways to create a natural effect in a bathroom,

The bathroom wall styles we offer

brown mosaic tile

Tile Effect

The tile effect styles are also quite trendy and can give you that perfect statement wall. Our panels come in different patterns. Some have colourful mosaic imprints while others are decorated in subtle patterns in both dark and bright colours.


Lastly, we also have other wall panel styles that represent different textures, colours and patterns. In a nutshell, our collection is diverse enough to cater to all personalities and styles. These panels are suitable for various spaces, and they’re quite easy to install and maintain.

Grey Stone Tile Roomset
traditional red brick

Brick Effect

Our collection of brick effect panels, for instance, is perfect for creating an outdoor feeling or a rustic effect. These wall panel styles come in different colours depending on the era you represent. Whether you were born during the red brick domination era, white concrete stone or quarry grey stone brick, we’ve got you covered.

Sparkling Bathrooms

The sparkle collection is also perfect for those who want a dreamy effect in their bathrooms. These panels come in different colours; from black to beige. The dark-coloured starry cladding, for instance, is perfect for achieving a bold black look in your bathroom.

calcatta gold

Marble Effect

Since marble will always be in style, we have plenty of options for you. From brown and blue hues to dark grey and sandstorm marble panels, we have uPVC boards to suit all tastes. These panels are easy to fix, and they come in different thickness ranges from 5mm to 10mm.

Wood Effect

To help you bring in a vintage look, we also have a range of wood effects. These panels mimic the classic oak, white wood for a soft, bright look and timber mosaic which is more artistic and full of character. The good news is, our wood effect panels are waterproof, unlike natural wood.

wood effect-5

I still don't know where to start?

In a nutshell, whichever bathroom trend you settle on, we have the panel for you. You don’t need to limit your creativity to tedious, old-fashioned tiles when uPVC wall panel styles help you achieve a better, modern and trendy look at a very affordable cost.

So just take a look across our entire bathroom and shower panel ranges until one catches your eye.

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