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Wood Effect Wall Panels

With the ever-changing interior home décor designs, wooden finishes have stood the test of time, proving to be as fashionable, as fresh and as new as the first time the installation was completed.

However, installing wood can be very expensive, time-consuming and challenging, while the wood itself might be vulnerable to rotting or warping, especially in wet rooms like kitchens bathrooms and utility spaces. This is where our wood effect panels excel (not to mention the ease and cost).

Decorative Wooden Wall Panels

With new ranges of tile effect bathroom wall panels being included all the time. We do our best to keep you updated with current trends, new products and top sellers.

Light Oak Effect Panels
Natural wood effect (3)

Natural Wood

commercial and domestic

White Wood Effect Panels
white wood effect (4)

White Wood

Natural and Modern

Wood Effect Cladding

If you are into the modern wall panelling, but you still prefer the rich, deep wooden finishes that give a more unique and vintage like look, then we have exactly what you need. No matter if your looking to update your shower walls or dingy bathroom.

Our high-quality wood effect wall panels give the benefit of saving you time and money, while still offering that antique like finish, which adds a lot of value to your home.

Though mostly used and seen as bathroom panels, our range of wood effect wall boards are universal.

100% Waterproof and Hygenic

They can be used in all wet rooms in the house, kitchens, living rooms and even other rooms, covering the entire home, which is because wooden finishes blend in very well with pretty much all interior décors that you may have already set up.

On top of that, our panels are also designed to provide heat insulation, which makes them very comfortable to have in your domestic or commercial space during the cold seasons. Which also means that they have the potential to reduce your heating bills in the long run.

Advantages over seasoned timber

Some may argue that you shouldn’t go for second best even if they are cheaper. However, not only are our products affordable, but they do offer numerous other benefits as well.

Easy to Install

Without doubt one of the best benefits. Basically, with our wood effect panelling, you get a tongue and groove system that can be easily set up by any person.

Also cutting is so quick and easy and you don’t even need a saw.


uPVC plastic in itself is very durable and does not rot or wear out quickly. Additionally, this structure does not allow any water to percolate through and thus, no mould or other unsightly stuff can grow in between and affect the integrity of the wall.

Easy To Clean

This benefit arises from the use of PVC material in constructing our panels, which gives them a waterproof surface that does not soak in stains and other kinds of dirt.

The result of this is an easy-to-clean and hygienic surface that requires only a wet cloth to wipe it back to its regular finish and colour.

As you can see, our range of wood effect wall panels can accommodate quite a number of different interior décor designs. Each type has its unique striking feature, and this is another advantage of using our products; uniqueness.

Considering all the reasons above, it is worth your time to check out these panels and even find them for upgrading your home or office to have that fresh, new interior that will leave your visitors wowed.

Therefore, if you thought that having your dream wooden finish was out of your budget, think again. We have the solution for you. Just click on each product to get further details, enjoy!

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